Wool Ease Thick & Quick Pom Pom Wall Hanging Project



  • 'Lion Brand' Heartland Thick & Quick 142g x 3 balls, assorted colours
  • 'Lion Brand' Wool Ease Thick & Quick 170g x 3 balls, assorted colours
  • 'Lion Brand' Homespun Thick & Quick 227g x 1 ball in coordinating colour
  • A deep edge canvas 10" x 12"
  • 1 x Tube Francheville Studio Satin Acrylic paint in coordinating colour
  • 1 x small roller brush
  • 1 grey lead pencil
  • 1 large pom pom maker (makes Pom poms 13 - 15cm diameter)
  • 3 icy pole sticks
  • PVA glue
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors, yarn needle, ruler


Make Pom Poms

Using the pom pom maker, and the Heartland Thick & Quick yarn, make 9 pom poms measuring approximately 15cm in diameter. Tip: try mixing the yarns as you wrap the yarn on the pom pom makers to create unique pom poms. When tying off the pom poms leave a long double tail on each pom pom. This will be used to attach the pom poms to the canvas.

Prepare The Canvas

Using the small roller brush paint the canvas, including the sides, in a colour that co-ordinates with the Heartland yarn colours. When the canvas is dry, using a grey lead pencil and with the canvas in the portrait position, draw vertical lines 2.5cm from the left edge, 2.5cm from the right edge and down the middle of the canvas. Draw horizontal lines 3cm from the top edge, 3cm from the bottom edge and across the centre of the canvas. Using the scissors punch a small hole at the 9 intersection points.

Make The Fringe

Using Homespun Thick and Quick cut sufficient pieces (approx 70cm long or desired length), to create a full and generous fringe across the bottom edge of the canvas. Tie the fringe pieces to the icy pole sticks. Using the pva glue attach the icy pole sticks to the back bottom edge of the canvas. Allow to dry (you may need to use masking tape to hold the sticks in place while they dry). Don't worry if the fringe is uneven. This will be trimmed when dry.

Attach The Pom Poms

Lay out the pom poms in a 3 x 3 arrangement to help determine the correct positioning. Using the yarn needle thread the pom pom tail through the yarn needle and insert the needle through the hole in the canvas. Tie the pom pom tails firmly to each other at the back of the canvas to secure.

To Finish

Hang the canvas and trim the fringe to desired length, cutting at an angle.



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