Calico Bear Bunny Project



  • Calico bear
  • Felt Squares: white, mid grey or pale pink
  • Cloth wire white 18 gauge
  • 3 x large white pom poms
  • 3 x white chenille sticks
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun
  • Black permanent marker
  • Pins, scissors, sewing thread, hand needle
  • Sewing machine



Step 1 -Colour in the nose with black permanent marker, allow to dry.

Step 2 - Push in the front snout of the bear and pull the nose down and hand sew the snout downwards so that the area around the nose in more flat and that the nose is facing more flat towards the front.

Step 3 - Glue or hand sew 2 x large white pom poms below the nose to each side, covering the hand stitching.

Step 4- Cut chenille sticks in half. Glue three sticks on either side into the pom poms to create the whiskers. Trim chenille sticks to desired lengths.


Step 1 - Carefully trim back the calico bears tail to a couple of millimeters in length, being carefully not to cut any seam stitching on the bear's body.

Step 2 - Glue or hand sew a large pom pom over the tail stub.


Step 1 - Using the template provided, cut 1 x belly piece from coloured felt square.

Step 2 - If gluing belly piece to bear, sew a decorative top stitch around all edges first. Then glue the belly piece to bear's belly.

If hand sewing the belly to the bear, sew to the bear with decorative running or blanket stitch.


Step 1 - Using the template provided, cut 4 x outer ear pieces from white felt square and 2 x inner ear pieces from coloured felt.

Step 2 - Lay two of the white ear pieces together and then pin one of the coloured ear pieces on the top in the middle. Sew the coloured ear piece around the edges through all three layers of the ear.

Step 3 - Bend and curve a piece of cloth wire to the shape of the ear just slightly bigger than the outer curve of the inner ear piece. Insert the wire between the two white ear pieces and pin in place between the outer edges of the white felt ears and the sewn in inner ear piece. Sew the outer white ear pieces together around the outer edges enclosing the wire into the ear but leaving the base of the ear open (there should be some wire poking through the base of the ear.)

Step 4 - Repeat to make the other ear.

Step 5 - Carefully trim back the calico bears ears similar to the tail, being carefully not to cut any seam stitching on the bear's head.

Step 6 - Position the bunny ears into the desired positions, covering up the bear ear stubs. Carefully push through the protruding ends of the wire from ears into the head to make small holes. Remove ears again and put some glue on the ends of the wire. Push the wires back into the head firmly and either glue the base of each ear to the head or hand sew ears to the head securely.



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