Macrame Shopping Tote Project



  • Wire cutters
  • Wire
  • Macrame cord
  • Scissors


  • Leather trimming
  • Wooden beads
  • Split ring
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint (white, gold & copper)
  • Skewer


Step 1

Using wire cutters, cut a circle of wire measuring about 27cm in diameter. Create small hooks at each end to clasp them together.

Step 2

Cut a piece of cord measuring 215cm and wrap around the wire circle. Tie the ends into the end, this will form the drawstring.

Step 3

Cut 18 pieces of cord measuring 250cm each.

Step 4

To work on the project, it will make it easier to hang the wire circle onto something so that you do not have to hold it. Tie each piece onto the circle, using a larks head knot, spacing them evenly.

Step 5

Once all the 18 pieces are secured to the wire, begin by creating a series of alternating square knots.

Step 6

Create the first four rows of even distance, followed by a bigger distance for rows 5-8. This will allow for more room in the middle of the bag.

Step 7

When you get to row 9, decrease the distance between the next 4 rows until you get to the 13th row. The last 4 rows should be very close together and tight.

Step 8

Tie a knot (using an elastic band) around the loose ends at the bottom, this will secure them. Wrap a new piece of cord around the loose strands and tie a knot. Trim the loose hanging pieces of cord.

Step 9

Carefully remove the circle wire, the top cord will be used as the drawstring. Turn the bag inside out, so that the knot of loose strands at the bottom is now on the inside of the bag.


Step 1

Attach leather trimming (about 25cm) to the split ring, using a larks head knot.

Step 2

Paint the beads a variety of colour, also leaving some natural. You can place the beads onto a skewer to allow for ease of painting. Let them dry.

Step 3

Once dry, thread the beads onto the leather trimming, creating knots between the beads. Tie a knot at the end. You can attach the keyring to your bag.



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