Leatherette Make Up Bags Project

Level: Easy

Project Name: Leatherette Make Up Bags


  • New bright pleather trims(glitter and clear for A and glitter for B)
  • Zips in colours to match
  • Pleather tassel
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Metal split ring and pliers
  • 50cm of cotton lining
  • Hand sewing needle and thread


The instructions for both A and B are the same except B has 2 pieces for the main body.

Step 1 - For case B: Cut two pieces of fabric for the outer and two pieces of fabric for the lining of the pouch each measuring 22cm wide by 20cm high.

For case A: Using the same measurements as above cut four pieces of fabric for the outer, 2 solid pink glitter and 2 clear sequin so they can be overlapped to create a fun pattern. And again cut two pieces of cotton fabric for the lining of the pouch.

Step 2 - With the right side of one of the outer pieces face up, align the zipper length right side down along the top long edge. Place one of the lining pieces face down aligning all layers together at the top. Pin and then sew together using a zipper foot on your machine close to the teeth of the zipper.

Step 3 - Repeat step 2 for the other side of the zipper and with remaining fabric pieces.

Step 4 - Pull fabric right way out away from zipper and press flat. If desired top stitch fabric 3-5mm in from zipper edge.

Step 5 - Up-zip the zipper half way and with right sides facing pin the two outer fabric together aligning all remaining edges. Repeat with the lining fabrics and pin together. Pin the teeth of the zipper towards the lining side.

Step 6 - With a 1cm seam allowance sew around all of the pinned edges leaving a 5cm opening at the middle base of the lining side. Trim wadding in seam allowance back to stitching. Clip corners and pressed seams open at corners and base.

Step 7 - To create boxed based corners, pinch out each corner to form a triangle with the seams running down through the center of the triangle. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a line for the base of the triangle 5cm long with 2.5cm on each side of the center seam. Sew across the line and trim away any excess seam allowance, leaving a 1cm seam allowance.

Step 8 - Turn out pouch through the opening in the lining. Press in the seam allowance along the opening and top stitch closed. Place lining back inside the outer pouch and push out each corner and press.

Step 9 - Attach leather tassel to the zipper of case A with a jump ring and pliers.

Step 10 - To finish case B create a bow using the Silver leather trim. Cut a 2cm wide strip from the trim and fold the ends back on themselves to meet in the centre. Use a needle and thread to stitch in place, creating a pinched look. Cut another piece of Silver leather trim 1.5cm wide and 5cm long, wrap this around the centre of the bow and again use a needle and thread to secure in position. Once you are happy with the shape of your bow, position it on your case and hand sew in place from the inside of the pouch.



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