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Which Heading Is Best For My Curtains?

The perfect curtains require a lot of consideration. From the fabric you select to the fixtures and fittings, they all count to make your curtains look amazing.

Another aspect of your curtains that requires some consideration is the curtain heading. As you may know already, there are different types of headings with unique looks. So, let us examine the available curtain headings and determine which one would look best in your home.

What Is The Pencil Pleat Heading?

When you prefer a traditional look inside your home, the pencil pleat heading should be the first to look at. Also referred to as tape top or three-tape curtains, pencil pleat is the most common heading for valances and curtains. It consists of three hook positions where three rows of string are threaded through it.

Since the pencil pleat heading is counted among the most common types of headings for curtains, you will find that they will match most curtain tracks and poles as well. So, whenever you are in doubt about the curtains that will match your current track or pole, pencil pleat curtains might be the safest choice.

What Is The Gather Heading?

A gather heading can cover many different types of curtain headings, this because the gather heading describes curtains that "gather" on the top. Gather heading is rather casual in look compared to some of the other options out there, yet it can be the most suitable option for curtains that have a much shorter drop.

Like the previously mentioned pencil pleat heading, gather heading is suitable for more tracks and rails. Of course, it is always recommended to check the weight of your curtains before you choose a system such as gather heading, as this type of heading is more suitable for lighter fabrics.

What Is Pinch Pleat Heading?

The previously mentioned headings are more functional in nature, but pinch pleat heading is slightly different. Pinch pleat heading is more decorative than anything, which means it is suitable for all fabrics out there.

While pinch pleat headings look amazing, they do require more fabric than the basic pencil pleat. They also require a little more in terms of the manufacturing process, as the pleats in this heading are hand-sewn. So, these curtains can look incredibly luxurious, they can be a little more expensive than other curtains.

What Is A Goblet Heading?

If you are looking for a heading that will make your curtains stand out, the goblet heading is certainly one to look out for. The unique heading gets its name through its design, as the different sections on the heading look like goblets.

Goblet heading is another type of heading that requires more fabric. To make the goblet pleat, the manufacturer has to hand-sew the goblet design into place. Because of the hand-sewn process, the distance between the pleats can vary considerably. So, if you purchase some premade curtains with goblet heading, make sure the distance is suitable for your rail, track, or pole.

What Is An Eyelet Heading?

One of the most popular headings for curtains is undoubtedly the eyelet heading. Like the pinch pleat, eyelet headings are decorative in nature and can therefore leave you with a nice aesthetic effect inside the home.

Eyelet curtains are best used on curtain poles, as the rings slide over the pole perfectly. However, before you order your eyelet curtains, always check the diameter of your curtain pole before ordering eyelet curtains. The eyelets inside the heading can have a variable diameter, so always make sure they will go over your curtain pole without problems.

Which Curtain Headings Can I Obtain At Spotlight?

When you want to create your curtains from scratch, you can always obtain your crafting materials from Spotlight. From the fabric for your curtains to eyelets and hooks, you can get them all from our catalogue.

Spotlight also provides a range of premade curtains with different curtain headings. So, if you are not that handy where crafting is concerned, you can always try a set of our premade curtains to transform your home. At Spotlight, you can benefit from the sharpest prices, so be sure to check out our curtain catalogue today!



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