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Spotlight offers masks for masquerades, Halloween & Superhero themes. Complete your next dress up outfit with our costume party & masquerade masks today!

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Find Magical, Mysterious And Magnificent Masquerade Masks At Spotlight!

From masks for a marvellous masquerade to secretive superhero masks, we have a great selection of quality party and masquerade masks for all occasions. If you are looking for the perfect mask to complete your costume or looking for a plain one to decorate yourself, you are sure to find the ideal mask in this awesome collection. Choose from elegant half masks that would be perfect with a masquerade outfit to heroic superhero masks for a legendary costume, plus even more! Whatever you want to be, you are sure to find the right mask for the job at Spotlight.

What Kinds Of Masks Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have all the major variations of hero and masquerade masks available for you to choose from for your masked party, including:

  • Half masks - as half mask gives you an air of mystery while still allowing you to convey your emotions through facial expressions. Decorated half masks are perfect for themed masquerade parties, while plainer half masks are often seen in theatre plays and musicals.
  • Full masks - a mask that fully covers your face will totally hide who you are, and are often seen in Venetian-inspired parties and dances. Pair with a costume wig to really 'mask' your identity!
  • Customisable masks - plain white masks that can be customised are great for kids' parties, or if you are an artistic type who wants to create a mask unique to you! Use paint, feathers and other glued-on accessories to bedazzle your mask.
  • Stick masks - masks held up by a stick can come in half or full form. They are easy to eat with and remove when needed, and so are ideal for more casual masked parties.

Costume Party & Masquerade Masks FAQ

What accessories can I pair with my mask?

Spotlight has many quality accessories you can use with your mask. Use a costume cape for a heroic (or more of an antihero) look, wings and a wand for a magical theme, or even a headpiece or hat to suit steampunk, royal or historical-themed masked parties. Think of costume jewellery you can wear that matches your mask - a metallic mask can be paired with a golden necklace, or a dragon-themed mask will work well with leather cuffs on the wrists.

How can I keep my mask from slipping?

If your mask is tied around your head but doesn't fit comfortably, try some of the following tips:

  • Use bobby pins to pin the mask's elastic band to your hair.
  • If you have longer hair, you can discreetly use pins to loop strands of hair around the elastic to help keep it in place.
  • Consider body tape (like the kind used to keep your clothing in place) to be used on your nose and cheeks, where the mask makes contact. You can buy body tape from many underwear and clothing stores.

Can I make my own costume mask?

You can absolutely make your own mask if you can't find a premade one that suits your needs! Here are some mask-making tips:

  • To help any paint stick, rough up the surface slightly with sandpaper or spray with plastic-fusion spray paint in white. If you are looking to paint your mask, it is recommended to prepare it first by covering it with a coat of gesso or primer. When you have finished painting your mask, spray your final piece with clear acrylic spray or varnish, this will help it to stay looking amazing for longer. Make sure you do any spraying in a well-ventilated area.
  • There are so many different embellishments that you can use when you are creating masks. Stock up on glitter, feathers, sequins, gems, ribbons and more for tons of different ways of transforming your masked creation into one that matches your chosen masquerade costume.

What Else Can I Find in the Party Range At Spotlight?

Pair your mask with some other beautiful party supplies from Spotlight!

  • Adult costumes - find elegant, scary and beautiful costumes and masquerade dresses for adults here, perfect to pair with the right mask!
  • Kids' costumes - you can find costumes for all sorts of characters here, from generic jobs, animals and magical creatures to all your kid's favourite TV and movie characters!
  • Costume accessories - find more props and accessories that will make your costume stand out.
  • Party decorations - create an enchanting atmosphere for your masquerade party with the right party decorations, including elegant paper lanterns, string lights and hanging decor.

Find all the other masked party supplies you need in our party hub!

Find The Right Costume Party And Masquerade Masks At Spotlight

You can find all the masked party masks and decor you need right here at Spotlight! Browse online and you can pay your way and have your masquerade masks home delivered. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right masquerade costume and mask for your event. For more fun party ideas, browse through our fun celebrate blog! And for little help with planning your decorating, read our party decorations buying guide.



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