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Discover Elegant And Beautiful Masquerade Masks At Spotlight

If you plan on dancing the night away at a masquerade ball, you'll need the right masquerade mask. At Spotlight you can find a great range of quality masquerade and costume masks that are perfect for masked events, from a simple party at your home to a formal masked ball. Our masquerade masks feature accessories like lace, jewels, feathers and beading, all in a range of colours and styles. Find the perfect masquerade mask here today!

Enjoy a masquerade party at home

If you are hosting a masquerade party at home, you'll want to ensure your party space is properly decorated for the event. Silks on the ceiling, Venetian masks hanging from the walls, chandeliers and candelabras… there's a lot you can do to transform your home into a mysterious and enchanting space. For an in-depth guide to this topic, read our blog on throwing a masquerade party at home.

Masquerade Mask FAQ

What is a masquerade mask?

A masquerade mask is a covering for the face that usually covers the space around the eyes and part of the nose, leaving the mouth visible. They are worn during formal events like masquerade balls and parties, and come in many different styles and colours. Sometimes Venetian masks are worn as well, but these usually cover the entire face and obscure the eyes.

What are masquerade masks used for?

Masquerade masks are used to partially disguise the identity of the wearer, although because they often leave the mouth and hair exposed, people well-known to each other will be able to identify each other. They are a costume accessory that will often be matched to a masquerade dress or suit, which is worn to a masquerade ball or party. Masquerade masks usually attach using an elastic that goes around the back of the heads, although combs and pins can be used to keep them in place as well. Some are also attached to a stick which can be raised and lowered with the wearer's hand.

What to wear with a masquerade mask

Depending on the formality of an event, a masquerade mask will be paired with either a formal or semi-formal dress for women, and a suit or semi-formal shirt and pants for men. Masquerade masks should match or complement the clothes of the wearer - so a black mash should be worn with black clothing, a red mask with red clothing etc.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

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Find The Right Masquerade Mask At Spotlight

If you're ready to buy your costume mask, you can browse the selection online, quickly pay and we'll deliver your masquerade ball masks to your home. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right costume masks for your needs. Make sure to check out the full range of adult costumes and kids' costumes, as well as our general masks category for all your fancy dress needs. And if you're hosting a party, check our party tableware and party decorations buying guides to ensure you're getting everything you need. For more great party ideas, be sure to read our party blogs on throwing a 1920s party, a Hawaiian-themed party and throwing the ultimate kids' party.



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