What party decorations do you need to throw the ultimate celebration?

Throwing a party? Then you'll need some decorations to adorn your venue with! Decorations for parties come in all sorts of varieties, and you can find them all at Spotlight - from balloons and streamers to lights and confetti, we have what you need to make your party a memorable one. We know that the huge range of party decorations out there can be a bit intimidating - this buying guide has been designed to give you all the information you need about each type of party decoration, as well as some tips on how to style them.

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What kinds of party decorations are there?

Decorations are essential to setting the celebratory mood that parties need, and are especially important if you have a party theme. Here are some of the main decorations for party events that you'll find at Spotlight.

Latex and foil balloons

The quintessential party decoration, if you have nothing else then you've got to have balloons! Spotlight has a great selection of latex balloons and foil balloons for parties, with great varieties in colour for the former and heaps of cool shapes and prints for the latter. Spotlight has helium tanks for sale or rent, and we can even blow up or deliver your balloons for you - so there's no excuse not to have some of this delightful décor at your party!

Banners, garlands and streamers

Whether they're draped along the ceiling, a wall or across a doorway, buntings, garlands and streamers are a lovely way to create an atmosphere in any space. Our buntings and garlands are themed around birthdays and events like baby showers, weddings, birthdays and annual holidays, so there's something for every celebration.


Ideal for snapping that perfect photo, a hanging backdrop can be placed against a flat wall to create a gorgeous background for your event. We have balloon, streamer and balloon/streamer combo backdrops in beautiful colours you can choose from, and these backdrops can also be used to accentuate the other decorations for party events you own.

Lanterns and lights

Paper hanging lanterns are a unique, textured decoration that you can hang from the ceiling or across the edge of a verandah. They come in a huge range of colours and textured designs, with each one having a unique hanging tassel as well.

Spotlight also has a great range of party lights you can use in your event. We have coloured fairy lights, solar lights and colour-change globes you can use to create certain moods or to highlight areas of your event, and they work well indoors as well as outside.

Table cloths and centrepieces

Whether it's laden with presents or food, your party table should be just as kitted out as the rest of your home during a celebration! Spotlight's range of table decorations and centrepieces includes name cards, bonbon crackers, table cloths and party scatters, as well as impressive centrepieces to draw the eye.

Party Decorations

How can I use party decorations to show a theme?

To create a cohesive look, you can choose your party decorations around a certain theme. Whether it's a colour, decade, country or franchise, Spotlight has the décor you need to bring your theme to life! Here are some popular themes you can showcase using our decorations:

Movie or TV show theme

This one is pretty easy, as decorations for parties that are themed after franchises are easy to spot and get your theme across straight away! Spotlight has decorations for popular franchises like Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars and Pokemon including balloons, tablecloths, plates and centrepieces.

Franchise-based parties are also a great opportunity for costumes - check out Spotlight's fantastic range of costumes online here!

Colour themes

For a simple but effective party theme, try basing your party around your favourite colour! Colour theme parties are an easy way to bring together all your decorations, costumes and even food into one easy concept. To make your food match your theme, check out our range of food colours and flavours.

Decade themes

Decade parties are great for adults who need a fun theme everyone knows - from the 20s to the 90s, each decade has a signature style and sound that is easy to copy for your event. You can even pour through your old cookbooks for decade-themed foods for your party - meat suspended in jelly, fairy bread and shrimp cocktails are all hallmark foods of certain decades in Australia.

Party Decorations

What decorations do I need for a special event?

No matter your event, Spotlight has everything you need to celebrate and make it special, check out the event decorations below:

Engagement party decorations

To throw a beautiful engagement party, popular decorations include lovely fake flowers and plants, white themed tableware and some special balloons. Check out the range of foil balloons that will convey your message including the Happy Engagement Foil Balloon. Also silver and gold decor is a popular choice for a classy understated aesthetic. Discover the full range of wedding and engagement decor.

Baby shower party decorations

Host a baby shower with our range of party supplies. For a baby shower, there are endless themes and colours to shoes from whether you are doing a simple look or a themed gender reveal party. Spotlight has surprise gender reveal balloons as well as lovely baby shower decorations to suit any taste.

Milestone birthday party decorations

Make a birthday extra special with decorations that will WOW. You must have foil number balloons for a milestone birthday as well as bunting, streamers and table decorations to match. Discover the array of milestone birthday decorations today.

Party Decorations

Where can I find quality party decorations?

Spotlight is your premier destination for party decorations in Australia! You can find all the party decorations you need online, or head into your local Spotlight store to view the party range in person. Get inspired to celebrate every day with Spotlight and make your party a memorable occasion.



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