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How To Sew With Christmas Quilting Fabric?

As you can see in Spotlight's range of Christmas quilting fabrics, seasonal fabrics such as these tend to have quite intricate patterns. If you are new to quilting, this can be a little scary to start with, as patterns are not the easiest thing to combine. Fortunately, you can count on this convenient Spotlight guide to help you get started.

To understand how to use your fabrics in the best way possible, it is recommended to get familiar with the bare basics.

Should I Use Manual Sewing Or A Sewing Machine For Seasonal Quilting Fabrics?

That depends heavily on the amount of skill you have. If you have a lot of experience sewing by hand, then this could be the recommended option. However, if you did some projects with a sewing machine, then using a sewing machine will be the better choice.

Many crafters who start with quilting often need to obtain a suitable sewing machine for the job. After all, you need a relatively wide sewing table to accommodate this kind of project. But contrary to popular belief, you do not need the most expensive quilting machine out there.

A good sewing machine for quilting should have a good zigzag stitch at the very least. You should also choose one with a bit of a wider table, which accommodates for some of the larger projects later on. And while you can upgrade your sewing machine down the line, it is always nice to have a sewing machine you can use for a longer time before you have to do an upgrade.

Which Batting Do I Use With Seasonal Fabrics?

The batting you use in combination with seasonal fabrics will be the same as your other quilting projects. The only difference between a seasonal fabric and other quilting fabrics is the design, so there is no change in terms of materials and overall properties.

Evidently, there is a diverse range of batting available these days. When you view the Spotlight catalogue, you can find an entire range with the different types of batting as well. As a general rule of thumb, Spotlight recommends choosing batting based on the application of the quilting project. For example, wall hangings will need lighter batting than decorative quilts that lay on a bed.

Which Fabric Type Is Best For Beginners In The Seasonal Quilting Fabrics Range?

Some fabrics are easier to work with than others, and this is something that you may already know if you have sewn other projects in the past. For new quilters, Spotlight tends to recommend the staple in the quilting world, more specifically quilter's cotton.

Quilter's cotton has a nice medium weight to it, which makes it convenient and easy to work with for beginners. On top of that, it also adds durability to projects. So, experienced crafters tend to use quilting cotton for most of their projects going forward.

If you use quilting cotton, it is best to use a type of batting to match that cotton weight. While you can find polyester batting that is somewhat lighter and more affordable than cotton batting, Spotlight recommends cotton batting if you use genuine quilting cotton. If you still want to save money, you can use a cotton and a polyester blend as well.

What Tools Do I Need To Work With Seasonal Quilting Fabrics?

You will need the basic tools for quilting, this includes the sewing machine we mentioned earlier or some manual sewing needles. Of course, you also need some basic cutting tools, as you will need to cut your fabrics with great precision to get the best results.

One of the absolute must-haves for quilters is the rotary cutter. While a pair of fabric scissors does allow you to cut fabric with great precision, a good rotary cutter allows you to cut several layers of fabric at the same time. Evidently, this can be a huge time saver and you should therefore invest in a rotary cutter and the accompanying self-healing cutting mat.

Cutting tools for quilting are also available at Spotlight for an affordable price. So, do not hesitate to have a look at Spotlight's collection of cutting tools to find some exquisite choices for your first quilting project.

Once you have all your tools, be sure to take full advantage of our other range of fabrics too. You can combine Spotlight's seasonal fabrics with some solid fabrics, which can create quite a lovely effect.



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