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Create the Perfect Costume With Costume Accessories From Spotlight

The right costume props and accessories can take your fancy dress outfit to the next level - and you can find those costume accessories right here at Spotlight! Anyone can turn into just about anything, and with our fabulous range of costume accessories, the only limit truly is your imagination. Whether you are looking for the perfect pom poms to relive your high school days, or a sword and shield for your knight of the realm get-up, then we are sure to have that all-important accessory that is critical for your look. We also have classic costume accessories such as costume wigs and wig caps, costume jewellery, body paint and costume hats. These costume accessories would be perfect for a 70's party theme, 90's party theme or masquerade party theme!

Costume And Accessory Pairings We Love!

Stuck for costume ideas? Here are some costume and fancy dress accessories combos that always turn out well:

  • A dark suit and a cape - pull out a black suit and pair it with a black or red cape to instantly become everyone's favourite monster, the vampire!
  • Robes and glasses - become the most famous young wizard at Hogwarts with dark robes and a pair of rounded glasses! Even if you don't have official Harry Potter gear, you can make the costume concrete by scribbling a lightning bolt on your head and finding yourself a 'wand' in your backyard.
  • A sparkling dress and a mask - enchant everyone at the masquerade ball with your best evening dress and a matching mask! We have half and full-face masks available to suit the theme of your event.
  • A leotard and a tutu - bring out your inner ballerina by donning a leotard (or a singlet and shorts if you don't have one) and one of our colourful tutus! Pop a tiara on your head to complete the look

Costume Accessories FAQ

What are costume accessories?

Costume accessories are the small add-ons to full costumes used to complement the larger outfit. Costume accessories include jewellery, hats, wands, wings, glasses and larger props like canes, swords and balls.

Costume accessories are often the small detail that can help tie your full costume together - if you can add a quality costume accessory or two to your dress-up outfit it will definitely make your whole look so much more professional!

Can I use costume props and accessories to make my own costume?

The right costume props and accessories can turn even regular clothes into an amazing costume. For example, a light green summer dress, paired with accessories like clear wings and a blonde wig, will turn you into Tinkerbell! Or wear black boots, black pants and a white shirt to combine with a cutlass, eye patch and sailor's hat to transform into a pirate captain!

What are the must-have costume accessories?

If you ever need a last-minute costume, it pays to have a selection of costume accessories at home you can quickly pull out to transform yourself. Some of our favourites include:

  • A wizard's hat can be combined with a long-sleeved dress or even your dressing gown for a traditional wizard outfit.
  • A pair of suspenders can be paired with a plain shirt and pants for a casual 20s bootlegger costume.
  • A faux-steel sword paired with a long, belted shirt (or a tunic if you have one) and tights with boots can turn into a young knight or squire.

What Else Can I Find in the Party Range At Spotlight?

Other kinds of handy partyware you can find here include:

  • Kids' costumes - our kids' costumes encompass beloved characters from TV shows and movies, as well as generic costumes perfect for any fancy-dress event.
  • Adult costumes - our enormous range of adult costumes means you'll always have something to wear to dress up events.
  • Bakeware and baking accessories - baked goods are a staple at many parties, especially cake! You can find tins, cake mix, decorating tools and all sorts of icing here for you to use in your baking.

Find even more party supplies in our party hub online!

Find The Right Costume Accessories At Spotlight

Take your costume to the next level with the right costume accessories and props from Spotlight! Buy online and have your fancy dress accessories home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store to choose your costume props and accessories in person. Make sure to read our party decorations buying guide for more info on making sure you have all the right party supplies for your event. And for amazing party ideas perfect for costumes, read our blogs on throwing a 1920s themed party, a groovy 70s inspired celebration or even a nostalgic 90's party!



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