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At Spotlight, we offer a huge range of wigs including scientist wigs, mullet wigs, clown wigs and more. Discover our costume wigs & hair extensions today!

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Can I buy wigs at Spotlight?

You sure can. Spotlight has all kinds of wigs that will support and complete your fancy dress outfit. We've got wigs for clowns, mermaids, grannies, rock stars, pirates, hippies, mad scientists, sorcerers and much more. We even have wigs in everyday hairstyles that would match just about any costume or outfit. Wearing a wig can make a costume go from good to great. Hair is a big contributor to someone's looks and style and we often put a lot of time and effort into making sure it's silky and smooth, curly and wild or at least combed and well groomed. Check out our awesome selection of fun, fabulous and far-out wigs.

What is a wig?

A wig is like a cap of hair that you wear on your head. Traditionally, it is worn by people to conceal baldness but it is also a great way to disguise yourself. Dressing up for Halloween or a fancy dress party is all about tricking people into thinking you are someone else. It's fun, and finding the right supporter items and accessories for your chosen costume theme is all part of the journey. Wearing a wig can add humour and pizazz to your costume. Wigs come in all different hairstyles and colours and Spotlight is sure to have the perfect one for you.

Why would you wear a wig?

Wigs are worn on your head to cover baldness, to disguise your appearance or simply for a change of hairstyle. Costume wigs can be worn to fancy dress parties, birthday parties, charity events, sports games, Halloween or any occasion that requires you to dress up or look unlike yourself. Wigs are a playful wardrobe addition to your weekend nightclub garb - wear a glittery wig on the dance floor and boogie the night away. Spotlight's collection is chock-full of crazy and fun wigs that will help you lose your inhibitions and be the life of the party.

Which wig is best for a fancy dress party?

Choosing the best wig to wear to a fancy dress party will depend on your costume. And sometimes, your costume will depend on the theme of the fancy dress party. Not all parties have a theme, but it is common for hosts to set a party theme so everyone dresses up to suit a topic. Let's say the theme is Rockers and Pop Stars. Hair is an important part of a rock star's image so having the right wig will really make your costume shine. Spotlight has many wigs that will take your rock or pop star costume to the next level. Choose from our Amscan range which includes: 90s Rock Star Wig, Love of Rock Wig, Mullet Head Wig, Disco Hound Wig, DJ Wannabe Wig and so many more.

Which costume wigs are the most popular?

There are a few wigs that are always in demand at Spotlight, especially around Halloween time in October. The Amscan Jumbo Clown Wig is a classic clown wig in rainbow colours, perfect for any clown-themed outfit or for playing the role at a birthday party. The Amscan Pirate Bandana with Dreads Wig is also a popular choice as it really fits the bill when dressing up as Jack Sparrow's long lost cousin. Kids love the fairy princess locks based on their favourite characters like Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid and Elsa from Frozen.

How many styles of wigs does Spotlight carry?

Spotlight has over 50 wigs in a range of different cuts, colours and styles to choose from for your next fancy dress outing. We also have many hair accessories that can be worn with or without a party wig to add colour and flair to your costume.



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