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Create the Ultimate Look With Face & Body Paint at Spotlight

Whether you're going to a costume party, Halloween event or exploring cosplay, Spotlight's range of face paint and body paint is the perfect way to take dressing up to the next level. Pair with any of our costumes, dress-ups and accessories to create the ultimate statement at any fancy dress occasion! Perfect for beginners exploring face paint and SFX artists, our range of make-up and body paint boasts a huge array of colours, kits and styles.

Transform Yourself With Halloween Makeup And Body Paint From Spotlight

The right application of Halloween makeup or body paint can take you from 'Oh, that's a person in a witch costume' to 'OH NO THERE'S A WITCH!', on Halloween. Spotlight's range of quality makeup and body paint is suitable for anyone to use, even if you consider yourself a complete novice in the dress-up department. From bruising and rotting skin to full-on blood and wounds, you can create your Halloween look with ease using any of Spotlight's Halloween makeup and body paint products. Pair with the right adult Halloween costume or child Halloween costume as well as Halloween accessories, for the ultimate Halloween look.

Face Paint, Body Paint & SFX Makeup FAQs

What is the best type of face paint?

Finding the right kind of face paint depends on your needs and the type of look you are going for:

  • Water-based face paints are the ideal choice for kids or if you're wanting to quickly wash all the paint off after a party. However, they can be prone to running if you're working up a sweat on the dance floor.
  • Oil-based face paints have much longer staying power, and are great for parties where you will be moving around a lot or when walking around during Halloween. Just keep in mind that because they will stay on longer, they will also be harder to remove once you get home.

How to remove body paint from clothes?

Completely getting paint stains out of your clothes heavily depends on what type of body paint you are using. But if an accident does happen and you need to remove the stain, here are some helpful tips:

  • Rinse out as much of the stain as possible from the surface of the fabric.
  • Apply stain remover or baking soda before washing.
  • Put the clothes in the washing machine on a hot wash cycle.
  • Remember - only air dry the clothes if there is no visible stain. Allowing stained clothes to dry will cause the stain to set in.

Is SFX makeup bad for the skin?

Special effects makeup can be a little trickier to remove once applied - but can be harsh on the skin if not removed correctly. This is why many products are used, such as isopropyl alcohol and even olive oil to help remove the SFX makeup properly. However, the effort is worth it as the results are far superior to using traditional face paint.

What Else Can I Find To Decorate My Face And Body At Spotlight?

  • Face Paint Kits: These are a convenient way to find the right face paints for creating a particular themed look. Whether you're searching for cat face paint ideas or zombie face paint for Halloween, Spotlight has you covered!
  • Body Stickers & Temporary Tattoos: Easy to apply and remove, these are perfect for adding finishing touches to any costume. Kids are also sure to love the range of themed temporary tattoos including favourites such as Frozen and Peppa Pig.
  • Glitter & Gems: Our range of body glitter and face gems will complete your look with a touch of sparkle!
  • Makeup & Accessories: Discover brushes, foundation, applicators and makeup palettes to create fabulous looks with a professional finish.

How you should use Halloween makeup vs body paint

Body paint should be used for blocking large areas of your body with colour, or for creating bold lines on the face and body like thick brows, over-the-top wrinkles and faux tattoos. Body paint can be applied with a sponge or paintbrush.

Makeup is used to create fine details on the face, like moles, freckles, bruising and lines, as well as enhancing features to a more defined look, like cheekbones, the nose and the jaw. Makeup is applied with a sponge or small makeup brush.

What is Halloween makeup and body paint?

Halloween makeup and body paint are specially-created powders, pastes and liquids designed to change a person's look for Halloween. They come in many colours and are designed to stay in place all night but also be easy to remove when needed.

Many come in special packs for certain effects, like a makeup palette for achieving bruises, or a paint pack for a witch facade.

What are some Halloween makeup ideas?

You can easily match your Halloween makeup to your costume, but if you're stuck for ideas some classics include skeleton makeup, witch makeup, zombie makeup and vampire makeup. For video tutorials on these, check out our blog on Halloween face paint ideas!

Tips on how to make up your face for Halloween

  • Start with a blank canvas. This means removing any makeup and false eyelashes/eyebrows you already have on. You may like to paint your face with white body paint so any colours you need to add really pop against your skin.
  • Make sure to clean your sponge or brush between colour changes, as your colours may muddy together otherwise.
  • 'Erase' your eyebrows using paint and then paint more dramatic ones over the top for characters like vampires and witches.
  • Use a sponge for more natural colours that blend softly into one another (like shadows on cheekbones) and paint for bold and obvious lines (like fake eyebrows or a scar).

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