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At Spotlight, we have tons of cheap dolls clothing sewing patterns, so that dolly can always look her best. Make sure that they have a full wardrobe, with clothes for every season. Making dolls clothes is the perfect way to introduce children to sewing, and get them learning the textile skills that will last throughout their lifetime. It is easy to sew delightful dolls clothing with the awesome sewing patterns, plus they are all available now at our guaranteed low prices!

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Make Your Own Doll Clothes With The Fantastic Doll Clothing Patterns At Spotlight!

Having your own doll collection can be incredibly fun, especially when you can make the beautiful clothes to match! At Spotlight, we provide customers with an extensive collection of dolls clothing patterns, enabling you to create the best outfits for the dolls you own. Of course, they can also make a fun gift for a little girl, who would love to have more outfits for her favourite doll.

Are you completely new to the doll clothing making process? No need to worry! Read our useful guide below for absolute beginners on how to make your first set of doll clothing!

Which Fabrics And Trims Are Best For Doll Clothing?

When you create clothing, you always have to take your fabrics and trims into consideration - this also applies to doll clothing. When it comes to creating your doll clothing, here are the main things to consider. The fabric you choose for doll clothes should always be soft.

Therefore, it is no surprise that quilted cotton is one of the most popular fabrics for this purpose. You can choose a plain colour, or quilted cotton with a small-scale print. Fabrics used for doll clothing cannot be too thin though, as this makes the sewing process considerably harder. Seam allowances are important with any type of clothing design, so a thicker fabric makes this process a little easier.

How Do I Cut Patterns For Doll Clothing?

The instructions on how to cut your patterns is included with your intended pattern, but there are some things to remember. Firstly, the accuracy of the cut is extremely important. So, always check if seam allowance has been included in your pattern before you start cutting.

Having a good overview of the pieces that must be cut on the fabric can prove quite useful, especially if you have multiple pieces to cover. Ideally, you want to keep all your pattern pieces pinned to your fabric - this gives you an overview of which pieces to cut and where.

How Do I Sew Doll Clothing?

The sewing process of doll clothing is quite similar to the sewing process used on your own clothing. So, the same general guidelines should be considered for your sewing process.

During the sewing process, always make sure you keep the threads relatively tight. Loose threads can cause a lot of problems and delays, especially if the thread gets caught underneath. In fact, the latter could cause your fabric to become unusable. If you are relatively new at sewing, we suggest using one of our cheaper fabrics, giving you some room for trial and error without breaking the bank.

When you have a pattern with small seam allowances, you can encounter problems with your fabric getting caught in the machine. While this can be subject to the type of sewing machine you have, there is something you could do to counter this problem. Simply use a thin piece of paper as a stabiliser and then remove the paper when the problem is corrected.

Since you are making smaller clothes for your dolls, you must take the size of your stitches into consideration. Naturally, the stitches on dolls' clothing will be significantly smaller. Before you start, check the size of the stitches on a separate piece of fabric to ensure it looks to scale.

Do I Need To Press Doll Clothing?

Many crafters prefer to press doll clothing during the sewing process - this can give your doll clothing a better finish. Of course, the pressing process is certainly not obligated. If you are making doll clothes for the first time, it is okay to skip the pressing process for now. Once you have become more adept, you can attempt to press the clothing while you sew.

Which Doll Clothing Patterns Can I Obtain From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides you with an extensive collection of doll clothing patterns - this goes from formal clothing and bridalwear to swimsuits and professional outfits. We also provide a range of daily wear, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Check out our collection of doll clothing patterns today and pick your favourites for your next sewing project. You won't be disappointed!



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