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Whatever the occasion, find the pattern for your perfect fancy dress costume at Spotlight. With patterns for men, women and children and hundreds of themes, characters and eras available, we are sure to have the right one for you. Whether you are looking for something spooky for Halloween, a princess dress so you can be the belle of the ball or the pattern that will turn your little one into a mini-superhero, shop our costume patterns now and transform your look.

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Can't Find A Fancy-Dress Costume? Make Your Own With The Costume Patterns From Spotlight!

Nothing is as frustrating as not finding a suitable fancy-dress costume for an upcoming event. However, if you are a little creative, you can make your own fancy-dress costumes from scratch. With our amazing collection of costume patterns, you will have your own costume made in no time at all!

Does It Cost A Lot To Make Your Own Fancy Dress Costume?

Not at all. In some cases, making your own costume is a lot cheaper than buying one. The patterns at Spotlight are quite affordable and we offer a range of affordable fabrics to boot. So, if you are unsure about the cost of making your own costume, why not check out our catalogue and find out just how affordable a new costume can be?

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Costume Pattern?

When you choose a costume pattern, there are certain things you need to take into consideration. To ensure you have all your bases covered, we have provided an overview with all the necessary factors to think about.

Weather - One of the most important things to think about when you choose a costume is the weather. If the weather will be bad, you cannot choose a costume with fabric that is too thin. Ideally, you want to have your arms and legs covered against the cold too. If you are expecting heavy rainfall, some moisture-wicking materials will be recommended too.

Drape - When creating a costume, the drape of the fabric you use is extremely important. After all, the wrong drape could ruin a costume in a heartbeat. Fortunately, our costume patterns give you a detailed description of the fabric you will need. So, make sure you read the pattern thoroughly and get the right fabrics for the job.

Budget - Some costumes will be more expensive to make, as they are subject to the fabrics used. To determine which fabrics are used to create a pattern, simply click on one of the patterns in our catalogue and read the description, which mentions the fabric used. Then, you can browse to our range of fabrics to determine the overall cost of your costume.

Complexity - Even those who are quite handy with a sewing machine need to take their skill level into consideration. Some costumes will require experienced tailoring skills, while others are quite straightforward.

Size - Most patterns are delivered in various size combinations, this means you need to check if the pattern will match your size. Even though there is such a thing as conversion of measurements, it can get quite complicated if you are not familiar with sizing.

What costumes Does Spotlight Offer?

Spotlight has one of the largest ranges of costume patterns, this goes from medieval costumes to popular characters such as Cat Woman and Jack Sparrow. We also provide a lovely range of fantasy costumes, which can be great for Medieval events or simply to transform yourself into an elf or your favourite Game of Thrones character.

As mentioned earlier, Spotlight does not only provide a range of costume patterns. We also provide a selection of the finest fabrics to create your costume from scratch. You can also count on Spotlight for discounted sewing supplies, this ranges from sewing machines to thread and sewing accessories.

If you do not have the skills to make your own costume, you do not have to worry either. After all, Spotlight also provides a range of premade costumes in various designs and sizes. So, even if you cannot sew like a real tailor, you can still acquire a costume for your fancy dress event.

Need something to make your costume stand out even more? Why not take advantage of our wide range of costume jewellery and accessories, which will transform your costume into something truly special. Even if you are making your costume yourself, you cannot pass up on our exquisite range of costume jewellery and accessories to make your costume the best it can be.

At Spotlight, we provide everything you need for your fancy dress event. So, why not get familiar with the full range and all the amazing deals we offer?



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