Hollyday Wooden Letters Project


  • Kaisercraft wooden monologue letters - J-O-Y or letters of choice
  • American Crafts Hollyday paper pad
  • Kaisercraft rhinestones
  • Crafters Choice PVA glue
  • Francheville Paint brush & palette
  • Fiskars fingertip control craft knife
  • Kaisercraft file set
  • American Crafts Hollyday ribbon pack
  • Scissors
  • Optional - acrylic paint in desired colour


Optional - Carefully paint the edges if desired and allow to dry.

1. Select a sheet of paper for each letter.

2. Apply PVA glue to the front of one letter then place face down onto the wrong side of the selected paper. Turn right side up and smooth paper to ensure no bubbles have occurred. Allow glue to dry thoroughly.

3. Trim paper close to the edges of the letter using craft knife. Place the letter flat on the table with paper facing up and the edge of the letter overhanging the edge of the table. Holding the letter in place with one hand and using the sandpaper board from the file set in the other, work in a downward motion to sand the edges of the letter to remove the excess paper. Use the small files as required to get into the corners still using a downward motion. This will remove the paper leaving a clean edge around the letter.

4. Tie matching and/or coordinating ribbons around the letter and embellish letter using as rhinestones or as desired.

5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 for each letter.



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