Cricut Joy Paper Ornaments Project

Level: Beginner

What you'll need:


Step 1 - Set up The Joy machine (if using) or Print out the template provided in the downloadable project sheet

Step 2 - Add Scoring Tip if available.

Step 3 - The orb is made up of 3 strips. Cut out each strip and score on the dotted lines using a blunt pen tip or needle.

Step 4 - If using a craft machine then simply remove excess paper.

Step 5 - Using Crafters Choice glue gun, seal of the ends of 2 strips to create 2 loops.

Step 6 - Now put one circle inside the other and align scored lines.

Step 7 - Ensure all scored lines are visible!

Step 8 - Loop your third strip in as shown

Step 9 - Glue the ends of the third loop.

Step 10 - It should end up looking like a ball.

Step 11 - Align all your scoring lines and start folding along the lines.

Step 12 - It is a good idea to do opposing sides of the same strip to make it easier to fold.

Step 13 - Your paper orb is ready!

Note - The template size can be varied and adjustable. Try printing it in A4 and A3 to get different sizes of the orb!



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