Flamingo Buckets Project




Step 1. Firstly, cut out all panels of both Flamingo Hessian and Plain Duck Lining as below:

- Flamingo Printed Hessian Fabric - 1x 30x70cm piece for the main body (ensure that the flamingos are in the correct orientation to run around the bucket), 1x 23cm diameter circle for the bottom of the bucket & 2x 9x30cm panels for handles.

- Plain Duck fabric (For lining) - 1x 30x70cms for the main body & 23cm diameter circle for the bottom of the bucket.

Step 2. To begin the outside of the bucket, take the Flamingo fabric panels 30x70cm & 23cm round and place them back-to-back so that the wrong sides of the fabric are facing out. Sew one side of 30x70cm panel around the circle panel using a straight stitch.

Step 3. Repeat the process in Step 2 with the Duck fabric panels. You will then have 2 separate inside out buckets.

Step 4. Turn both buckets (the lining and the outer) inside out.

Step 5. Put the duck fabric bucket inside the Flamingo bucket and set it properly. Fold both fabrics together from the mouth of the bucket and them together around the rim.

Step 6. To make the handles, trifold the 2x 9x30cm panels width wise to make a 3cm wide strip and sew it along the length on both edges. Use an iron to crease the fold.

Step 7. To attach these handles, sew each end of the handle across the width of handle on the side of the
bucket to make a loop.



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