Circle Macrame Wall Hanging Project

Level: Easy


  • Semco macrame cord natural, orange and teal
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Galvanised ring
  • Comb or fork


Step 1 - CUTTING

  • Teal = 4 x 1.5m long strands
  • Orange = 4 x 1.5m long strands
  • Natural = 6 x 1.5m strands

Step 2 - Find the centre of each rope strand and create a loop. Place the loop over the top of the galvanised ring and pull the cord tails through the loop to secure in place. Repeat with each piece of rope in the following order from left to right: Teal x 4, Natural x 6 and Orange x 4.

Step 3 - Take the 6 natural strands in the centre and tie a triangle of square knots starting with 3 on the top row, 2 in the middle and 1 on the third row.

Step 4 - Stretch the ends of all the cords to the opposite side of the circle and tie a simple wrap knot to secure in place. Start by
tying the natural cords on a slight diagonal angle like pictured. Tie the teal cords alongside the right-hand side natural cords and then repeat with the orange cords but weave each cord through the teal to create a woven pattern as pictured.

Step 5 - Starting at the top of the cords tie 13 square knots along the first row. Continue tying Square Knots eliminating a square
not from the edge of each row so you end up with a triangle pattern across the next 11 rows, finishing with 1 square knot in the last row.

Step 6 - Starting on the left-hand side, pull the end cord diagonally across the front of the other cords. Then start tying diagonal
half inch knots (see diagram below), working from the left into the centre. Each cord needs to be tied twice. Stop once you reach
the centre.

Step 7 - Repeat this process on the other side, starting from the right tying half inch knots into the centre working on a diagonal
angle. This will complete the V row, to create a diagonal clove hitch knot.

Step 8 - Working with the first 4 cords on the left, tie the first half of a square knot continually to create a spiral knot. Tie 20 of
these in a row. Repeat this for every 2nd set of 4 strands. Step

Step 9 - In the alternating strands of 4 you will complete a row of square knots. Tie 9 square knots in a row, again repeat on the
remaining sets of 4 strands. You should end up with alternating strands of spiral knots and square knots in a slight diagonal shape.

Step 10 - Repeat steps 6 and 7 to create another diagonal clove hitch knot.

Step 11 - Cut the ends of the excess cords to your desired length. Use a comb or fork to untangle the macrame cord creating a fringed edge.

Step 12 - Lastly, cut another piece of cord and tie in a knot at either end of the top of the galvanised ring and hang to finish!



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