Cat Face Paint Project

Level: Easy


  • 'BYS' cat kit
  • Sponge
  • Red lipstick
  • Black Eye pencil


Step 1 - Begin by using the white face paint to draw in the cat's mouth on the top lip area. Use upward strokes to create fluffy lines up between the brows to the forehead. Bring the white paint down the nose.

Step 2 - Use the pink face paint to draw in the cat's nose on the bottom of the nose.

Step 3 - Using the same pink face paint, apply to the cheeks and blend out. Handy hint- Applying face paint on a sponge will give a softer, more blended look to cream paints.

Step 4 - Using a brush, use the black face paint to paint a triangle shape from the nose onto the top lip. Fill the top lip using the black colour.

Step 5 - Use the black pencil to draw on the whisker dots. Use light outward strokes for the whiskers.

Step 6 - Draw a black line along the upper and lower lash lines with the black face paint. Lift upwards towards the outer eye for a cat eye look.

Step 7 - Use the white face paint in the same light outward strokes to add fluffy patterns to the cheeks and chin.

Step 8 - Outline the nose with the black pencil.

Step 9 - Use the red lipstick to fill in the bottom lip. Add some cat ears and you're done!



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