Metallic Drip Cake Project


Step 1- Make cake of your choice using the pans specified. We used Roberts mudcake vanilla mix.

Step 2 - Stick the cake to the cake board by using a bit of buttercream and place onto the turntable.

Step 3 - Use the large scraper and cranked spatula to ice the cake with 425g of buttercream.

Step 4 - Divide in half the rest of the buttercream into two bowls and dye with pastel pink and purple gel paste colours.

Step 5 - Use the spatula to smear pink and purple buttercream in patches on the side of the cake.

Step 6 - Using the scraper warmed with hot water, smooth the sides and give a watercolour effect. Smooth the top using the cranked spatula.

Step 7 - Press the gold leaf onto the cake in patches by gently rubbing on the back of the transfer sheet. Refrigerate cake until step nine.

Step 8 - Mix gold royal icing with water until a thick consistency is achieved (like the thickness of honey) and pour into a piping bag.

Step 9 - Pipe gold royal icing by starting from the center of the top of the cake and spiralling outwards to the edge of the cake. Pipe blobs in spots close to the outside of the rim of the cake to create drips.

Step 10 - Leave overnight to dry.

Step 11 - Top with flowers and serve.

Tip - Keep the drips on the shorter side as they will cascade further down when they dry.



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