How to make your own DIY curtains with Katie Parrott

How to make your own DIY curtains with Katie Parrott

Katie Parrott is an Australian sewer, crafter and passionate plus-sized fashion advocate. While she is normally seen sewing her own garments, Katie takes us through her process of how to make your own curtains with Spotlight's Cut, Hem and Hang fabric - who knew it could be so simple! Read on to be inspired to create your own DIY curtains.

Practical DIY projects like making your own curtains can seem intimidating, but with a bit of confidence and help from Spotlight, it can be a quick, easy, and even fun, process. There is an option to suit every budget and every ability level. Let's explore the different options available at Spotlight:

Readymade Curtains

Off the shelf curtains to hang from the ceiling or wall which come in many different sizes, colours, and weights. These are the perfect low effort option at a great price.

Made to Measure

Custom made curtains where you have a choice in selecting fabric and the service of a Made to Measure consultant. Installation is also an available service.

Cut, Hem & Hang Fabric

A great option if you're feeling creative and want to keep a consistent look with your home decor. Cut, Hem & Hang fabric can be cut to any size needed. This fabric works with g most curtain types eg: eyelets; pencil pleats; tab tops, rod pockets. Also a perfect solution to hang your sheer curtains to the heaviest of Blockout Curtains.

How to make your own DIY curtains with Katie Parrott

Curtains for a large space

For this project, I was working with a really large space - I had four large windows all in the same room, so I needed them all to match and to work for four different sized windows. I also had existing tracks and gliders in place, so I needed something that could work with what was already installed.

This was the perfect project for Spotlight's 'Cut, Hem & Hang' range, which can be cut to any size and already has the curtain tape attached to the top.

Step 1 - Measure your windows

You'll need to know a few key measurements, specifically the 'drop' (which is how far you want the curtain to fall. For my tall windows, that was from the track to the floor) and the width of the windows. If you're making multiple curtains like me, it might be useful to draw up a little diagram and write these measurements down on it. For more tips on this check out Spotlights info on how to measure your windows here.

Step 2 - Calculate fabric requirements

Spotlight has a fantastic 'Curtain Fabric Calculation' tool on their website, which I have linked here. I used this to work out that I needed 18m total curtain fabric, and set off to my local Spotlight store to choose my fabric.

Step 3 - Prepare curtains

You'll need to cut your fabric to the lengths worked out in the previous step, and then prepare them for hanging. To do this, I measured each piece and labelled it with some masking tape (to make sure I didn't get my different window pieces mixed up). Then you'll need to cut those pieces in half, giving you your two curtain pieces for each window.

I then hemmed the sides and bottom of each piece, to give a nice clean look and ensure there is no fraying!

How to make your own DIY curtains with Katie Parrott

Step 4 - Hanging the curtains

Once they're sewn and ready to go, the curtain hooks need to be attached for hanging. Because I had existing gliders and tracks in place, I needed to count how many gliders there were for each curtain and then divide the length of the curtain by that number - for example, my curtain was 3m, and there were 30 gliders, therefor 3000mm/30 = 100mm (or 10 cm). This is the interval I needed to measure out and place my hooks in.

Then once the hooks were attached, it was a simple matter of slotting them into the gliders and my curtains were installed!

Super quick and easy, a weekend project that can change the whole look of the room.

Inspired now that you know how to sew curtains? Pop by your local Spotlight store and check out our range of curtain fabrics and accessories to start your own DIY curtain journey!




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