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Sculpt your way to success with our fabulous selection of modelling clay at Spotlight. Whether you are a serious sculptor who is preparing for their next masterpiece, just starting out, or looking for modelling clay for fun with the kids, we are certain that you will find the clay for you in this selection. With individual blocks, multi-packs, bakeable clay and more, we have modelling clay available in a wide assortment of colours and types. Shop the collection online or instore today for top-quality clay at our guaranteed low prices.

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Learn About The Different Types Of Clay And How To Sculpt With Them

There are various types of clay you could work with as a sculptor, so if you are just starting out with this, it can all seem a little bit confusing. Of course, here at Spotlight, we aim to provide crafters with all the information they need. If you are curious about the different types of clay and how to use them, be sure to read our comprehensive overview of clay types below.

What Is Ceramic Clay?

When we think about sculpting, we often think about ceramic clay. The clay is quite pliable, but you will still need to use some tools to get the desired shape. You also need to make sure you keep it somewhat moist, as this makes it easier to work with the material.

Before you fire ceramic clay, it is important to let your created sculpture dry. You should also make sure that there are no air pockets, as this could cause some cracks and other irregularities. It is also important not to rush drying the clay, as this could cause irregularities too.

What Is Plasteline Clay?

Most crafters who just start out with sculpting have never heard of Plasteline clay before, even though it is used quite often in locations such as film studios and fantasy sculptors. Some of the most intricate works have been created with this kind of clay, so it is certainly worth looking into.

One of the differences between ceramic clay and Plasteline clay is that the latter is oil-based. Naturally, an oil-based clay does have its advantages, as it does not dry out in the same way as ceramic clay. However, contrary to ceramic clay, this kind of clay cannot be fired.

When you work with Plasteline clay, you will notice that it is a little more difficult to work with, as it is less flexible when you take it out of the packaging. However, the material becomes softer as you start kneading it, so your own body temperature is used to make the material softer.

While it can be a little more creative than Plasteline clay, it can be more expensive than ceramic clay. Despite its higher price, it is more suitable for precision work. So, if you are working on something that will be incredibly detailed, you should certainly choose Plasteline clay.

What Is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is considered a niche in the world of sculpting, as it is a material not many artists prefer to work with. That being said, you can create some wonderful things with polymer clay, especially if you have a free style that is not dictated by any normal conventions.

One of the big benefits of polymer clay is that this type of clay is one of the easiest to decorate. However, it is less strong than ceramic, so if durability is an issue, ceramic may be the better option for you. On the flipside, polymer clay is a type of clay that does not have to be fired.

What Is Paper Clay?

Another relatively unknown type of clay is so-called paper clay. This kind of clay can be a little trickier to come by though, as this kind of clay is completely handmade. There is a small variant of paper clay too, which is referred to as cellulose clay. Instead of being handmade, cellulose clay is commercially produced with a certain amount of cellulose fibres.

Paper clay is commonly used for making dolls, but it also has some applications in art studios. Considering this is a material that can create some unusual and wonderful effects, it is certainly a clay you need to discover as an artist.

Obtaining Modelling Clay From Spotlight

Spotlight provides a stellar range of modelling clay. We have basic bake modelling clay in the classic colours, but also coloured modelling clay that can create some of the most intricate projects.

In addition to modelling clay, you can also count on Spotlight to acquire some of the modelling and sculpting tools you will need. Since we offer the best prices on crafting materials and tools, you are bound to find all the supplies you need in our extensive range.



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