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Find original and interesting wall hanging art to liven up the walls in your home or to give as a quirky gift for friends and relatives. Shop Now!

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Where can I buy wall art online?

Spotlight offers a huge variety of wall art ranging from framed canvas prints, vinyl wall decals, photo frames, wall clocks to wall mirrors.

If you're looking for less conventional and more unique pieces, we also have metal wall art, wood letters that spell out inspirational words, 3D paper art, dreamcatchers and chalkboards, among many others.

With our selection of wall art you can easily dress up your plain walls better than you can with buckets of paint or wall paper.

What makes the wall art in this range different?

Most of the time, when you think of wall decorations, paintings, canvas prints, posters and framed photos will come to mind. With any of these options, you may have a difficult time picking out and committing to a particular image or artwork that will reflect your own style.

The wall art you will find in this range are more like sculptures and accent pieces, each with its own set of interesting qualities conveyed through its shape and form, as well as its materials.

What other types of wall art can I find at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight, we have different kinds of wall art to suit different interior design styles ranging from art deco, rustic to boho chic.

Metal Wall Art

Spotlight offers different kinds of metal wall art ranging from wireframe to laser cut pieces, which fit in well with modern and contemporary interiors. Our selection of metal wall art has a clean and crisp look, and a very strong presence. Metal is also a very strong material and will last for many years, if not decades, without any special care or maintenance.

Paper and Wood Wall Art

Our paper and wood art pieces are extremely versatile and have a lot of character and charm. Many of the paper and wood wall art products that you'll find here at Spotlight are DIY projects that you can put together or paint with different colours to match your personal style. These products are designed to be displayed on your walls once you're done building and designing them.

Decorative Letters, Chalkboards and Letter Boards

Large letters that spell out inspirational words are a great way of adding a touch of character to any space. These can be hung on walls or stood up on empty shelves to give them a more finished look. We also have chalkboards and letter boards which allow you to write or spell out inspirational quotes and reminders.

Dreamcatchers and Wall Hanging Tassels

Our selection of dreamcatchers and wall hanging tassels are great if you're looking for decor that can soften up the look of a space. These have a lot of texture and flow, and are perfect if you're going for a more Bohemian look.

Stylish Wall Hooks

If you're looking for wall decor that's both stylish and functional, check out our selection of stylish wall hooks. We have decorative wall hooks that use both wood and metal for a more rustic and weathered look.

What other home decor can I find at Spotlight?

Aside from wall art, Spotlight also offers home decor to dress up the different parts of a space.

For your floors we have a huge selection of area rugs ranging from shaggy rugs, wool rugs, polypropylene rugs, jute rugs to sheepskin rugs. We also sell door mats for your entryways and hall runners for the narrower spaces in your home.

For your windows we have different types of curtains and drapes ranging from printed and plain curtains, café - sheers, window valances, blinds to blockout curtains.

We also have a complete range of bed linens and bedding for your bedrooms, as well as towel sets and bathroom accessories for your bathrooms. For the kitchen, Spotlight has a huge selection of appliances and tableware. We also have a huge selection of storage solutions and accent pieces like candles, vases, mirrors and cushions which can help dress up the different rooms in your home.



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