Track Gliders

These easy-to-attach curtain track gliders will ensure that your curtains moves smoothly along the track. Browse the track gliders range at Spotlight.

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Can I purchase track gliders at Spotlight?

Yes, if you need to replace the curtain track gliders at your windows, Spotlight stocks a range of different curtain track gliders. Track gliders are needed to ensure that your curtains open and close smoothly along the track. They often get brittle due to exposure to sunlight, and may break when curtains are used often or when curtains are heavy.

Which type of track gliders do I need?

Not all track gliders fit on all curtain tracks, so it is best to buy the track gliders that are the same brand and design as your curtain track. If you are unsure, remove one of the broken tracks from your curtain rail to compare with online images or to bring into store. This is usually easily done without having to remove the curtains or dismantle the track and will ensure that you get the correct replacements.

How many track gliders do I need?

That depends on the size and width of your curtains and the length of the curtain track. Most curtains will require a track glider every few inches along the curtain tape, but if your curtains are very long or heavy, more track gliders may be needed to make sure that the weight of the curtain is evenly distributed, as this will help to open and close the curtains more smoothly and will prolong the life of your track and track gliders.

What material are track gliders made of?

Most track gliders are made of plastic and are white to match the curtain track. It is important to make sure that you remove all track gliders before washing your curtains, as they can get stuck in the washing machine and cause damage there, as well as possibly damaging the curtain fabric.



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