How Do I Hang My Curtains?

So, you've thought through the design of your home, measured up your windows, and made some decisions about the curtains that are going to work best for you, your family and your home. Whether you decided to buy them off the shelf or create your own curtain masterpieces, one thing's for sure: you are going to want to hang them.

While hanging your curtains is straightforward, you'll want to do it properly so you can show off your curtains to their full potential. Did you decide to go with rods or tracks in the header to fit the curtains to your windows?

Essentially, your answer to this question determines how your curtains will be hung.

Hanging Curtains On A Rod

Hanging curtains on a rod is simple but it differs depending on the type of curtains:

Eyelet curtains - thread the rod back and forth into the eyelets at the top of the curtain.

Tab top curtains - thread the rod through the tab loops.

Pencil pleat or pinch pleat curtains use hooks or rings to attach the curtain to the rod (32mm gather hooks are suitable for rod sets with rings).

Rod pocket curtains - thread the rod through the pocket that is hidden in the header (this pocket makes the pleats in the curtain).

Stand at a distance, as well as various angles, and see how your new curtains look. You may want to adjust the pleats depending on the drop and the tightness of the gathering.

Hanging Curtains On Rods

Hanging Curtains On Tracks

Tracks come with eyelets that are attached to a string you can pull by hand and, just like rods, hanging curtains on them is designed to be simple.

All you need to do is attach hooks to the header tape on the curtains.

We recommend 28mm gather hooks for tracks.

You'll need to space them evenly so the curtains hang perfectly.

Then, insert the hooks into the eyelets. When you pull the string, the curtains will slide apart and together along the track.

Make sure you stand back and look at your new curtains from different angles.

They may need a little bit of adjustment, especially after a few days once they've settled into their drop, but now's the time to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Hanging Curtains On Tracks

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