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Learn More About the Different Types of Curtain Tracks and their Benefits

Curtains are essential in every home, so it is no surprise that curtains and curtain accessories are some of the most sold household items. Today, we take a closer look at the various types of curtain tracks you could get for your home. We also look at the benefits they could deliver. So, if you are giving your home a curtain upgrade, be sure to read through our useful guide below.

Why Should I Choose Regular Metal or Plastic Curtain Tracks?

Metal and plastic curtain tracks are probably the most common and most affordable. They come in various sizes and diameters, which mean you, will have no problems finding a suitable option for your window's size.

Average metal and plastic curtain tracks are usually recommended for home with limited space underneath the windows. So, if you have a compact house or apartment, then a regular metal or plastic track might do the trick.

Why Should I Choose a Corded Curtain Track?

Another popular choice in Australian homes is the corded curtain track. These types of tracks were made to protect coloured fabrics, since moving these types of curtains manually caused premature damage to the fabric due to skin oils. With a corded curtain track, you do not have to touch the coloured curtains, leaving them beautiful and pristine for much longer.

Corded curtain tracks can also be a suitable option for some heavier curtains, although it does depend on the overall weight of the track and the accessories used on that track. While a corded curtain track will give ample support, the accessories used with your corded track will influence the overall durability of the construction when it comes to carrying heavier curtains.

Why Should I Choose a Bay Window Track?

As the name indicates, a bay window track is most suitable for anyone who has a small or large bay window in their home. Bay windows can be a little different than the average window, so a special track is required to provide ample coverage.

Before we elaborate on the benefits of the bay window track, we must mention that bay window tracks are made to fit various types of bay windows. For example, there are special types of tracks for two-sided bay windows, while there are different options for the six-sided bay window and curved bay window. So, before you purchase a track for your bay window, make sure you have determined which type of bay window you have in your home.

Now, let us move onto the benefits of bay window curtain tracks. Firstly, most bay window tracks can be hand-trimmed, which is not unusual when you consider just how many different sizes of bay windows can be found nowadays. Dedicated bay window curtain tracks will provide much better coverage as well, something that cannot be achieved by separate curtain tracks above the bay window.

Why Should I Choose a Double Curtain Track?

Double curtain tracks are more common than you might think! Most double curtain tracks are used to hang two different types of curtains simultaneously - for example, a sheer curtain and a block-out curtain.

Australians who use a double curtain track can enjoy some additional benefits too. One of these additional benefits is colour protection for your furniture and carpets. By hanging a sheer curtain and a block-out curtain, sunlight will no longer play a dominant role inside the room. Blocking out some of the sunlight protects your furniture colours from fading, so it can keep any room in better condition for longer.

Another benefit of the double curtain track is the design. Australians who use this type of curtain track immediately get access to many different styles. They can combine the wave of the sheer curtain with the elegance of some draped block-out curtains. Of course, more design options are possible, so the double curtain track is often the preferred choice of any Australian with a love for interior design.

Why Should I Choose the Valance Curtain Track?

The last option you will have for your curtains is the valance curtain track. The Valance Curtain Track is specifically designed to hang valances and pelmets - this type of interior design can hide the rail, but still provide support for additional curtains. So, much like the double curtain track, valance curtain tracks are a popular choice amongst Australians who have a passion for interior design.

What Curtains and Accessories Can I Obtain from Spotlight?

Customers can get everything they need for their curtain setup at Spotlight. At Spotlight, you can acquire a large range of premade curtains and accessories - however, we also have a collection of fabrics that can be used to create your own curtains from scratch. So, no matter what you are looking for, Spotlight has it in stock!



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