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Improve the quality of your sleep by changing to anti-allergy products for your bedroom. Here at Spotlight, we know that people who suffer from allergies such as asthma, skin conditions or other sensitivities, can improve their nightly rest by making some simple changes. With pillows, mattress covers and pillow covers that are anti-allergenic, you will combat the breeding ground for dust mites in your mattress and pillows, and wake up refreshed instead of with a runny nose or sore eyes. All the protectors in this range are washable and easy to care for, while the Logan and Mason memory foam pillows are non-allergenic with a removable washable cover.

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Why use anti-allergy bedding?

It is important for all of us to get enough sleep, no matter how old we are or what we do in our daily lives. Your bed therefore needs to be a place of comfort, to make sure you get the best nights sleep possible. For people who are prone to suffering from allergies, it is particularly important to make sure that your sleeping environment contains nothing that can irritate or trigger your allergies.

It is important to remember that allergies come in all kinds of forms, and people can be allergic to natural materials such as feather or down, often found in bedding, or man-made materials found in many duvets and pillows. Other common allergies can include domestic pets, dust, pollen, mould and other things that may be common around the house.

Therefore the benefit of having anti-allergy bedding is it can help to form a barrier between those substances to which you are allergic to giving you the uninterrupted sleep you are looking for.

Can I buy anti-allergy bedding at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Spotlight stocks a range of anti-allergy products at low prices, in a number of styles and sizes. Check out our online range or look in store for the best anti-allergy bedding for your home, from leading brands such as Brampton House, Logan & Mason, Ever Rest and others. As some 10% of the population suffers from Asthma, and nearly 40% are sensitive to some allergies, most families will have someone in the home who will benefit from having anti-allergy bedding.

What anti-allergy bedding can I buy at Spotlight?

Choose from our range of:

Pillow protectors - which will stop any dead skin cells, hairs and sweat from penetrating your pillows, making it less likely for dust mites to breed.

Pillows - should be replaced regularly if you suffer from allergies. At Spotlight we have a range of anti-allergy pillows in different sizes.

Mattress protectors - fit one of our mattress protectors that fully cover your existing mattress to help keep allergies and dust away.

How do I care for my anti-allergy bedding?

Anti-allergy bedding is often machine washable however should be washed on a hot cycle as to make sure any dust mites and other bacteria are killed off. Make sure you always check your bedding labels carefully before washing at lower temperatures as it may only provide temporary respite from these little pests. Please note that some products may lose their anti-allergy protection after time, so keep an eye on recommended replacement times.



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