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What does anti-allergy sleeping mean?

These are products that can help you combat allergic reactions in your sleeping environment. There are many different products on the market all claiming to do this, but essentially it all comes down to knowing what you are allergic to, before you can take any measures to alleviate the symptoms. One of the first places you should start is looking at your bedding and sleeping environment as this can be a place which can flair up any allergies.

Which types of allergies are we talking about?

Down and/or feathers - For people who suffer from allergies to natural products such as the duck and goose down and feathers that are used in some bedding products, the solution is usually to switch to duvets and pillows that are filled with man-made materials such as polyester, or polyurethane, which is often used in memory foam.

Synthetic or man-made products - People who are allergic to these products can often benefit from switching to natural products such as down, feather or even wool. It is important to make sure that not only the filling is natural, but the cover is made of something like cotton too, otherwise the benefits will be limited. Putting a natural pillow in a waterproof (synthetic) pillow protector will not have any effect.

Asthma - People who suffer from asthma find that their airways get inflamed and narrow, which makes it harder to breathe. This is a chronic illness that usually needs medical intervention, but it is important to recognise that some of the biggest triggers for asthma are dust, pollen, chemicals, tobacco smoke etc. Many of these irritants can develop and build up in pillows and mattresses, so a barrier such as a pillow protector or mattress protector may be beneficial, as well as looking at what materials your bedding is made from.

Dust - Many people who dont have asthma are still allergic to dust. Dust mites are present just about everywhere even if we cant see them. They thrive in warm and dark environments such as mattresses and inside pillows, especially as they can feed on our discarded skin cells and hair that we shed in the night. Not allowing pets on the bed will help, and dust mites can be killed off at temperatures of 60c, so washing bedding regularly at this temperature is essential.

Mould - This may not be an allergy that comes to mind immediately when thinking of bedrooms but in situations of high humidity coupled with poor air circulation, mould can develop just about anywhere and many people are sensitive to it. So reducing humidity and using natural, breathable bedding can be of great benefit and reduce your allergies.

Sensitive skin - Although some people may not class this as a proper allergy, people with sensitive skin will know that certain materials and chemicals can irritate their skin. In most cases, natural materials such as cotton or wool are the least likely to irritate sensitive skin, as they are breathable and allow airflow around the body.

Can I buy all these types of anti-allergy bedding at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Spotlight stocks a large range of anti-allergy sleeping and bedding products including quilts, pillows, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and pillow protectors, all specially designed to help you combat the causes and effects of the most common allergies.



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