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Brocade Guide For Beginners

Brocade fabric is a beautiful decorated fabric, often made through a shuttle-weave technique and some metallic thread. Of course, there is loads to know about brocade fabric. So, let us explore brocade fabric and everything you need to know before you start working with it.

What Is Brocade Fabric Exactly?

Crafters will find that brocade fabrics can be made from many different fabric fibres. As a result, there are quite a few variants to take advantage of.

The most common types of brocade fabric are silk and cotton brocade. As these are natural materials, they provide properties such as breathability and softness.

Brocades made from silk and cotton are remarkably popular for formal clothing such as wedding gowns and evening wear. Of course, some brocade also proves good for business outfits.

One of the biggest advantages of brocade fabric is that it adds a bit of drama to an otherwise bland wardrobe. Of course, that also explains why brocade is so popular among numerous fashion designers.

Is There A Difference Between Brocade And Jacquard Fabrics?

When you look at the overall description of brocade, you may wonder what the difference is with jacquard fabrics. Well, there is a good reason for your confusion, because all brocade fabrics are classified as jacquard fabric.

While brocade is a type of jacquard fabric, not all jacquard is brocade. Both fabrics are created on the so-called jacquard loom, creating the elaborate weaves both materials are known for today. Of course, brocade is not the only jacquard fabric that can be created on this loom.

Aside from brocade, fabrics such as damask, tapestry and brocatelle fabrics are all created on the jacquard loom. While this may be a little confusing right now, just remember that there are different types of jacquard fabrics and that brocade is just one of them.

One thing to remember about fabrics made on the jacquard room is that they are extremely elaborate. This is no surprise, because the loom was invented to create those elaborate patterns jacquard fabrics are known for. As a result, jacquard fabrics should only be used for statement pieces or more formal attire.

As for damask fabric, this type of fabric is characterised by a ground and pattern weave. It usually has quite fine and intricate patterns too, which makes it interesting for evening dresses as well.

Tapestry fabric on the other hand, are made to resemble the patterns you see on tapestries. And while they can be used for decorative projects around the house, you can also implement them for outdoor garments and even heavier jackets.

Can I Use Brocade Fabric For Accessories?

You sure can. In fact, many designers use jacquard fabrics, and brocade in particular, to make fashion accessories.

Spotlight does need to mention that brocade fabric can be more difficult to work with for beginners, this has to do with the elaborate patterns associated with the fabric. So, if you are just starting, Spotlight recommends a simpler pattern with more straightforward fabrics.

Once you become more proficient at sewing, you can look at more complicated fabrics such as brocade. However, once you have the skill to work with this fabric, the results you can obtain from it are absolutely stunning.

The Brocade Collection Available At Spotlight

When you need some beautiful brocade fabric, do not look much further than the brocade collection at Spotlight. In the brocade collection, you can find intricate patterns running from oriental delights to more traditional cross patterns.

The brocade fabrics collection provides everything you need for dressmaking, but also home decorating projects. If you like the uniqueness of brocade, be sure to check out the deals we currently offer.

Aside from our range of brocade fabric, you can find more jacquard fabrics at Spotlight. Simply head over to the specialty apparel section of the Spotlight catalogue to discover more amazing deals and offers on quality fabric.



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