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Sewing With Cotton Harry Potter Fabrics

Cotton is a great fabric to begin with for beginners. However, that does not mean you cannot use a couple of pointers when it comes to working with cotton. So, without further ado, here are Spotlight's tips to acquiring and sewing with cotton.

Which Cotton Is Best For Sewing?

When you have a look at cotton, you will notice that there are countless different types out there. While beginners often believe there is only one type of cotton, once you take a closer look, you will find that there are roughly a hundred different types.

The main thing to remember is that cotton can come in a woven or a knitted form. Evidently, this has an impact on the stretch of the material as well as some other properties.

When you select cotton fabric from Spotlight's collection, the main things to look at are thread count and fabric weight. Obviously, these are both as important as one another. So, never prioritize thread count over fabric weight.

Once you have a look at weight, you will find three distinct categories in the form of lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight cotton. Lightweight cottons include fabrics such as muslin and cotton lawn, while medium weight includes cotton poplin, damask, and sateen. If you are looking for the heaviest cotton fabrics, then you should be looking at velveteen, denim, and towel fabric.

Does Cotton Need to Be Pre-Washed?

Yes. Most fabrics must be pre-washed before you start sewing, and the same applies to cotton. One of the issues with cotton is that many manufacturers will not wash the material before shipping it to you. In addition to that, they also add some starch, which can cause your material to shrink as well when it is not washed.

Once you have washed your fabrics, make sure you press them before cutting your fabric. Wrinkles and unwanted folds could cause problems with your measurements. Therefore, it is vital to make sure your fabric is straight.

Which Sewing Needles Are Best For Cotton Fabric?

Selecting your sewing needles is just as important as selecting the right cotton fabric. When it comes down to selecting sewing needles, always remember you should match your needle size to the weight of your cotton fabric. For example, if you have a medium weight cotton fabric, you want to use universal needle sizes 80/12. For thinner cotton fabrics, you want to go down to 70/10.

Should I Use A Specific Thread For Cotton Fabrics?

In theory, you could use threads made from most materials in combination with cotton fabric, this includes polyester and silk. However, there is one thing to take into consideration. When you use thread made from a different material than your cotton fabric, it is likely it will wear down at a different speed than your actual fabric. Therefore, it can be better to choose a cotton thread to match.

What Is The Best Way To Cut Cotton?

Cotton is a material that has a grain, and this means you have to check for the grain before you start cutting. If you fail to do so, then your project will never look quite right.

So, how do you find the grain of a fabric? Well, the grainline is the direction of the yarn on the so-called warp thread. For easier reference, this is the thread that is used over the length of the fabric.

Please note that the grainline can be mentioned on your pattern as well. This grainline can make the cutting process a little easier, so it can be a good idea to check for this term on your sewing pattern if you are working with one.

Need some inspiration where fabrics are concerned? Check out the Harry Potter fabrics collection or check out Spotlight's other apparel fabrics to get some additional inspiration. We are convinced you will find some excellent deals on cotton fabrics.



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