Our ribbing fabrics come in several weights, colours and designs, suitable for creating tops and cardigans. Explore Spotlight's knitted fabrics today!

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Can I purchase ribbings at Spotlight?

Yes, in this range you will find ribbed fabrics, which are popular with many dressmakers for making tops, dresses, gym wear, leisure wear or accessories and also to finish off certain types of garments (think of ribbed cuffs, collars, waistbands and more). Find ribbing here by the metre, or opt for some pre-cut ribbing if you only need a small piece.

What is ribbing?

Ribbing, also sometimes known as tubular knit, is a knitted, quite stretchy fabric that will allow you to gather things such as sleeves into a cuff, or can finish off necklines and armholes on garments. It is also sometimes used to make tops, miniskirts and dresses. Because of the way it is made, it has quite a lot of stretch in it, which means you can make it easier to pull a top on over the head or get a nice waistline on a dress, without the need for zips or other closures.

What types of ribbing are available at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight, you can find both pre-cut and by the metre ribbing in a variety of colours to match many fabrics. There is also a pretty marble ribbed knit fabric that will lend itself to making T-shirts, sleepwear, leisurewear and more. Please check individual products for details of width, as this can vary on ribbed fabrics.

Does Spotlight sell other knitted fabrics?

Yes, you will find some pretty knitted Lumex fabrics in the brocade fabrics range, and it is also worth checking our interlocks and jerseys which have some of the same characteristics, although they are not quite as stretchy as ribbing. If you cannot find ribbing to match your garment, you can even make your won by sewing some stretchy material into ribs. A tricky little job but worth it if you want to get a perfect match for your finished garment.

Does Spotlight sell other types of fabric?

Yes, you will find a huge selection of dressmaking and tailoring fabrics here at Spotlight, for all types of garments from kids clothing to formal and leisure wear for adults and many fabrics for special garments including bridal wear, evening wear, costumes and outerwear. If you are looking for materials for curtains, blinds, bedding or interior design projects, you will also find these at Spotlight, as well as many general purpose and craft fabrics too.



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