Macrame Plant Holder Project

Level: Easy


  • Macrame cord
  • Scissors
  • Dowel
  • Pot Plant
  • Measuring tape


Step 1 - Cut 8 pieces of rope to 72" in length.

Step 2 - Secure the ropes to the dowel by folding each rope in half and placing the looped end over the dowel and then pulling the loose ends through the loop until it's tight. This creates a Lark Head Knot, repeat this process with each cord until you have 8 knots on the dowel.

Step 3 - Now you can begin your first square knot.

Square knot: Separate the 4 outside strands and take the furthest rope on the left hand side and bend it to a shape similar to the number 4. Then pull the furthest strand on the right and place it over the left strand then behind the two middle strands and up through the loop between the two left strands. Then pull the ends to create the first part of the knot. Then repeat this process but on the opposite side, so starting with the strand on the right hand side of the 4 strands. Pull the strands through to create a completed square knot.

Step 4 - Repeat step 3 with the remaining strands to create 4 square knots in total across the top row.

Step 5 - Now you will create alternating square knots by repeating the same process in step 3 but skip the first 2 outside strands. Leave about half an inch of space between your first and second row of knots. There will only be 3 square knots on the second row.

Step 6 - Repeat a full row of 5 square knots again. You can do as many rows of alternating square knots as you like it just depends on your design.

Step 7 - Now it's time to make the knots that will hold the jar in place. Place the top of your pot or jar under of the last row of square knots and measure half way down the jar. Make a square knot at this measurement using the middle 4 strands. Then make square knots a little lower than the middle knot on either side.

Step 8 - Now using the two outer stands on each side, make a square knot right above the middle knot along the back row of knots.

Step 9 - Then using the two outer strands from the knot you just made and the two outer right strands from the back row create another square knot approximately around the middle of the jar. It can help to place your planter into the opening to get a better idea of where to tie your knot. Repeat this on the other side of the jar.

Step 10 - Then cut a piece of cord about 28 inches in length and it into a U shape with one side of the U about 3 inches long. Hold all the loose cords of the macrame at the bottom of where your jar will sit and place the U shape on top of all the cords. Take the long end of the U cord and wrap it around the back of the gathered cords until the end is reached. Put the end of the wrapped cord through the loop of the U shape, and then pull the other end of the wrapped rope to pull the loop up inside the wrapped cords until tight.

Step 11 - Lastly cut the loose ends of the cord so that they hang evenly. Hang on display with your favourite plant.



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