Mini Christmas Village Decorations Project

Level: Easy


  • Shamrock Craft Papier Mache Mini Square Box Natural
  • Acrylic paint and paint brushes
  • Christmas paper pad
  • Double sided tape
  • Stanley knife or sharp scissors
  • Air clay or Sculpey clay
  • Rolling pin and sculpey tools
  • Hobby Fill
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Jolly and Joy Mini bottle brush Christmas tree and wreath
  • Ribbon


Step 1 - Take off the lid of the Paper Mache box and using scissors or a Stanley knife cut out a square leaving just under 1cm around the edge.

Step 2 - Paint box and box lid in desired colour using acrylic paint, allow to dry before painting a 2nd coat.

Step 3 - While the paint is drying you can begin making your clay decorations. Use the rolling pin to roll out the clay to roughly 5mm thick. Use the sculpey tools to cut out your house and mountain shapes or whatever design you wish to make. Leave to dry if using air dry clay or follow baking instructions on packaging if using sculpey.

Step 4 - Once paint is dry, trace around box onto Christmas themed paper and cut out. Use double sided tape to stick the paper at the back of the box. This will create the background of your Christmas village. Carefully create 2 small holes at the top of your box with scissors, thread ribbon through the holes and tie at the top to create a loop for hanging your decoration once finished.

Step 5 - When your clay decorations are ready, use acrylic paint and a small paint brush to decorate. We painted snowy mountains, a cute little cottage and a gingerbread house but be creative and paint your own special designs!

Step 6 - Once your clay pieces are dry it's time to assemble your village. Use the hot glue gun to secure your clay pieces to the box. Add the mini bottle brush wreaths, trees and any other decorations you wish to use. Then use a small amount of hobby fill to fill the bottom of each box and give it a winter wonderland look.

Step 7 - Place some hot glue along the inside edge of the boxes lid and secure onto the box to finish! Now your mini Christmas villages are ready to hang!



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