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Stretch out comfortably on the sand with colourful beach towels and beach mats in shapes, designs and sizes for everyone in the family.

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How a beach towel differs from other towels

You may be tempted to grab any old towel for your next trip to the beach or swimming pool but there are reasons why you should get yourself a purpose-designed beach towel.

The main reason is beach towels are slightly thinner than your average bath towel, so they dry out faster between dips in the pool or ocean and they're ready for you to spread out on or roll up for the trip home without being sopping wet. The thinner density of a beach towel also means you can shake out the sand easier, instead of those pesky little grains getting trapped in the pile of your towel.

Beach towels are generally longer than bath towels too, which means you get more sand-free (and itch-free!) surface area for more enjoyable leisure time.

Types of beach towels and mats

Cotton beach towels

Traditional cotton beach towels continue in popularity because of their high absorbency and comfort. With the range of shapes, sizes and patterns available, you're sure to find a cotton beach towel that suits you.

Microfibre beach towels

The extra-high absorbency of microfibre makes this synthetic material a fabulous choice for beach towel. You can also get sand-free micofibre beach towels that come with a looser weave, so the sand falls straight through.

Beach mats

Beach mats and beach blankets are designed to give you sand-free surface area to be shared with others in your party, as well as protecting any food and beach accessories from the hot sand. A selection of sizes is available so you can fit your whole family.

Kids beach towels

Smaller in size and adorned with a variety of kid-friendly patterns and characters, kids beach towels will give the younger family members something to be proud of the next time you go on an outing to the pool or beach.

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