The Ultimate Kitchen Set Up Buying Guide

The Ultimate Kitchen Set Up Buying Guide For Your Home

Whether you're setting up your first kitchen or refreshing an old one, you'd be surprised at how many things you need for a functional modern kitchen! From high-tech appliances designed to make every task easier to must-haves like quality pots and pans, there's a lot you need to keep in mind when shopping for kitchenware. At Spotlight we're proud to offer you everything you need for your kitchen, from absolute necessities to the little luxuries everyone likes to have on hand. This buying guide will go through everything you need in your kitchen, from cookware sets and tools to bins and storage supplies. Make a list, and let's get shopping!

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Kitchen Appliances

Spotlight's kitchen appliances are designed to make everyday cooking easy, and even a little fun. From familiar staples like kettles, toasters and microwaves to specialty appliances like rice cookers and blenders, our range of kitchen appliances is sure to have what you need… and maybe a little something to tempt you as well! Look for appliances like:

  • Food processors: Chop, beat, slice and blend with a multi-purpose food processor, a must-have appliance for when you have large amounts of ingredients to prepare. This category also includes hand and stick mixers, which are perfect for quickly blending up small portions of fruit and beg into soups and pastes.
  • Coffee makers: The best days start with a delicious cup of coffee, and making the perfect cuppa at home has never been easier, thanks to our range of coffee makers and coffee-making tools. You'll find everything you need here, including coffee plungers, espresso makers, thermometers and descalers.
  • Blenders and juicers: Get your daily dose of fruit and veg in one delicious meal by using our handy juicers and blenders to make smoothies, juices and other drinks.
  • Electric kettles: Available in both modern and retro looks, our electric kettles are perfect for everyday use when you're craving a hot cup of tea. Look for features like a cordless base, water indication and silent boil to suit your lifestyle.
  • Toasters: Whether you're a butter and vegemite or avocado and feta kind of person, creating the perfect slice of toast is easy with the right toaster from Spotlight. We have sleek and modern toasters to suit any kitchen, as well as stylish retro toasters if you love the vintage look.
  • Slow cookers: The ideal appliance for setting and forgetting, slow cookers allow you to create delicious, hearty and filling meals that are ready at the end of the day, just when you want them! This category also includes rice cookers, which are essential for creating fluffy, tasty rice without the hassle.
  • Air fryers and mini ovens: Cook crispy, juicy meals in no time using an air fryer or mini oven. They provide all the features of a traditional wall oven, but allow you to save power and time thanks to their small size and powerful fans.
  • Microwaves: Everyone's best friend when you need a meal heated up quickly, microwaves are a staple in every kitchen for a good reason. Not only can they heat up leftovers in a flash, but they can also be used to make snacks like popcorn, cakes, flavoured rice and more.
  • Electric grills: Get that yummy BBQ char indoors by using an electric grill! Perfect for cooking meats, veggies or even making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

Read our kitchen appliances buying guide online for a more in-depth look at all of our kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide

Kitchen Cookware & Cookware Sets

Using the right cookware can be the difference between a perfectly-cooked and tasty meal and a sad, soggy mess. At Spotlight, you can find individual pieces of cookware, like frying pans, skillets and woks, as well as many useful cookware sets that contain everything you need in one handy collection. Our cookware includes:

  • Frying pans: The humble frying pan is a necessity in modern kitchens thanks to its many uses. Cook stir-fries, make bacon and eggs or shallow fry a schnitzel with any of our stainless steel or non-stick aluminium frypans.
  • Woks: A must-have for frying, woks are essential to creating street-style fried rice, lovely charred stir-fries and delicious omelettes, plus they're easy to clean and come in a range of useful materials.
  • Saucepans: Cooking any kind of liquid requires a quality saucepan, which you can find in this category. Make soups, broths, stews and gravies in any of our stainless steel or non-stick aluminium saucepans.
  • Grill pans: Grill delicious meats indoors on your stove with any of our amazing grill pans! The signature raised lines of a grill pan allow excess juices to run off your protein and stop it from stewing in its own juices, plus they impart those gorgeous char lines you'd usually only see at a steakhouse.
  • Casserole pots: These ovular pots are ideal for making casseroles, baked pasta dishes and desserts like puddings and crumbles in the oven. They can also be used on the stove!
  • Stock pots: These deep, wide pots are made for cooking large amounts of liquid, like for stocks, soups and broths, although you can also use them to create large amounts of pasta or curry as well.
  • Food steamers: The healthy way to cook, a steamer is used for cooking vegetables, dumplings and more using the power of steam - no oils or fats required! The result? Perfectly cooked, tender dinners every time.

And remember to grab all the cookware you need in one place by purchasing some handy cookware sets! Check out our cookware buying guide for more information on what cookware and cookware sets you can find at Spotlight.

Cookware Buying Guide

Kitchen Utensils & Tools

There are truly kitchen utensils for every need, and you can find a fantastic range of kitchen utensils at Spotlight. These include:

  • Cutting and chopping boards: Safely prepare your vegetables, meats, bread and anything else that needs to be chopped on a plastic or wooden chopping board. Choose from single boards or handy board packs to suit your needs.
  • Measuring spoons and cups: Baking requires precision, so ensure all your ingredients are added in the correct amount with any of our measuring spoons, cups or jugs. If you need an amount in grams, use kitchen scales to measure your ingredients instead.
  • Rolling pins: Roll your dough out to the perfect thickness, or just tenderise meat, with any of our quality wooden and plastic rolling pins.
  • Kitchen shears and scissors: It's important to use kitchen shears and scissors for any cutting you need to do, instead of craft scissors, to avoid premature blunting and prevent cross-contamination.
  • More tools and gadgets: All the other little things you need for food prep and cooking are here! From the more commonly used kitchen utensils like spatulas, kitchen scales and tongs to specialty tools like gnocchi makers, garlic presses and apple cores, they can all be found here.

Get the full lowdown on Spotlight kitchen utensils and gadgets by reading our kitchen tools and utensils buying guide.

Kitchen Tools & Utensils Buying Guide

Fill Your Kitchen With Your Perfect Collection Of Utensils & Tools

Kitchen knives

One of the most important kitchen tools you need are kitchen knives. Buy a stylish knife block for a good range of different sizes and types of knives all in one kitchen knife set, or browse the individual knives category for specialty knives like bread knives, peeling knives, vegetable knives and santoku knives.

Dig deeper into the range of kitchen knives and kitchen knife sets with our kitchen knife buying guide, and keep them in their best condition with our kitchen knives care guide.

Kitchen Knives Buying Guide

Kitchen Bakeware

Baking sweet treats or an impressive roast all requires the right bakeware - here's a quick breakdown of the bakeware you can find at Spotlight:

  • Baking pans, trays and sheets: If it goes in the oven, chances are it's going on a baking tray or inside a baking pan. We've got wide trays for cooking roast veggies, deeper trays for cooking meats and beautifully-shaped baking pans for baking cakes in this section.
  • Food processors: Using your hands to combine cake batter is in the past, plus it's tiring and time-consuming! Whip up perfectly blended cake batters in a flash using any of our quality food processors.
  • Cake decorating tools: Once you've cooked your cake it's time to make it beautiful! Our cake-decorating tools include piping bags and tips, scraping tools, premade icings and fondants and edible decorations.
  • Baking dishes: Create delicious pies and puddings in any of our stylish baking dishes. Choose from single-dish or multi-dish packs to suit your needs.

Learn more about our range of bakeware with our bakeware buying guide.

Bakeware Buying Guide

Kitchen Pantry & Kitchen Storage

Now you've got your kitchen fully supplied, where on earth do you keep it all? Don't worry, our pantry and kitchen storage options will help you keep your kitchen and kitchen pantry neat and tidy with minimal effort.

  • Containers and jars: Good pantry storage is vital to ensuring the longevity of your dry goods, as well as helping you find what you're looking for, right when you need it. Clear, air-tight containers and jars will ensure your food is protected from pests, as well as make your food easy to store, stack and grab when needed from your kitchen pantry.
  • Trays and shelves: Quality shelves help you take advantage of excess vertical space in your kitchen, while kitchen storage trays can help you store small utensils like cutlery away from sight and out of reach from any curious young hands.
  • Canisters: Our huge range of gorgeous canisters is perfect for your on-the-counter kitchen storage needs. Keep the bits and bobs you use every day close at hand with our storage canisters, ideal for things like coffee, tea and sugar, as well as treats like biscuits and lollies.

Make sure to read our buying guides on kitchen storage and pantry storage for a better look at all the kitchen storage Spotlight has to offer.

Kitchen Bins & Cleaning

Cleaning up after cooking is a job nobody wants to do, but Spotlight's range of kitchen bins and cleaning supplies helps make the process as painless as possible.

  • Kitchen bins: Choose from plastic or stainless steel kitchen bins for your home, with single and duo-capacity bins available if you wish to separate your garbage and recycling. You can also find countertop bins for kitchen scraps here.
  • Kitchen cleaning supplies: Keep your kitchen sparkling clean with our kitchen cleaning supplies! This includes cleaning cloths, soap dispensers, towel holders and more.

Organise & Clean Your Home Kitchen

Find All The Kitchenware You Need At Spotlight

Now that you have an understanding of the kitchenware you can find at Spotlight, it's time to grab what you need and start outfitting your dream kitchen! Shop the kitchenware range online, and you can pay your way before having your kitchenware home delivered. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and choose your kitchenware in person.

Make sure to read our kitchenware buying guides to ensure you're making the right purchases for your needs! And for fun cooking and dining ideas and inspiration, read our blogs on creating icing, designing a tablescape and setting up a home bar at home.



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