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Throw an exciting party with Spotlight's fun range of adult dress up costumes! Explore our Superhero, Princess & Halloween themes online or in-store today!

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High-Quality Adult Costumes Currently Available At Spotlight

Spotlight provides an amazing collection of adult costumes for a variety of fancy dress occasions, this includes Halloween, birthdays, themed parties, and loads more. In our range, you can discover sexy costumes, superhero costumes, Disney costumes for adults, adult fairy costumes, princess costumes and a whole bunch more.

Still need some inspiration where adult costumes are concerned? Could use some ideas for your next fancy dress occasion? Be sure to read some of our suggestions below!

What Are Good Ideas For Adult Costumes?

Before you choose one of our adult costumes, it is a good idea to determine what kind of theme you prefer. Do you prefer to go as something silly like a dinosaur or a pink flamingo? Or do you prefer a more serious Game of Thrones character? To find the best ideas for an upcoming fancy dress event, simply choose something that defines you as a person, or defines one of your hobbies.

What To Wear To A Costume Party?

Unless it is a costume party with a very specific theme, you have a lot of freedom where costumes are concerned. Below are some of our favourite ideas for each adult.

Fancy dress costumes - When the theme is general fancy dress, you can choose almost anything. You could go as one of your favourite movie characters, but you could also go as a Roman, a firefighter, or another unique character.

Women's costumes - There are some typical women's costumes you can encounter when it comes to fancy dress, this includes a nurse's costume, nun's costume, French maid, and the cat woman bodysuit. Whenever in doubt, these are safe options to rely on.

Men's costumes - Men typically choose heroic movie characters for themed parties, or something completely silly. You could go as Thor, or you could simply show up in a banana costume. It all depends on the mood you are in.

Where Can I Get A Superhero Costume?

Superhero costumes are widely available and very popular. Below are the two places where you are most likely to find them.

Costume shop - You can easily get your favourite superhero costume on Spotlight. We provide a large range of superhero costumes for affordable prices. By purchasing your superhero outfit, you can use it for various fancy dress occasions in the future.

Costume hire - If you do not want to purchase your costume, you can always look for superhero options at your local costume hire. Of course, there is one downside. If the costume gets unexpectedly damaged, you might have to pay a serious fine once you bring the costume back.

Where To Buy Halloween Costumes For Adults?

Spotlight also provides Halloween costumes for adults. Naturally, some Halloween costumes are more popular than others. Below, we have listed some of our top sellers, which can help to provide you with some inspiration.

Popular Halloween costumes - Our most popular options in the Halloween range include the flamingo costume, S.W.A.T. costume, banana costume, the flamingo inflatable, and the flapper costume. Of course, more costumes are ready to be discovered on our website.

How Much Is An Adult Costume?

The prices of adult costumes at Spotlight are quite affordable. You can easily sort your results by using the sort menu, which allows you to sort your costumes from lowest to highest price. However, if price is not that much of an issue, you can also sort results by popularity, this gives you an immediate overview of the most popular costumes in our catalogue.

Want some additional accessories to make your adult costume even better? Be sure to check out some of the additional items available at Spotlight today!



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