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Cut, dice, and chop perfectly at home with our range knife blocks at Spotlight. Shop great-value knife blocks online that will elevate your kitchen.

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Professionally Prepare Food At Home With Quality Knife Blocks From Spotlight

Preparing your food correctly is just as important as the cooking process if you want your meal to turn out well, and a big part of food prep is using the correct knife when slicing your ingredients! Spotlight's range of quality knife blocks ensures you'll get a great range of beautiful kitchen knives in one purchase, all with easy-to-access storage that will keep your knives in tip-top condition. With popular brands like Wiltshire, Stanley Rogers and Joseph Joseph to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect knife block set for your needs here.

What you'll get in a knife block

While the exact knives you'll get in a knife block set will vary, in general you can expect some of the following:

  • A utility knife is a slim, sharp knife that can be used to cut vegetables, tender meats, cheese and layered meals.
  • A bread knife is used to slice through a loaf of bread without squashing it.
  • A chef's or cook's knife is a strong, all-rounder knife that can be used to slice large proteins, vegetables and fruits.
  • A paring knife is a smaller, more delicate knife used for slicing small fruits and veg, as well as mincing onion and garlic.

You may also get kitchen shears/scissors and a honing rod which you can use to straighten your knife after use.

Knife block FAQ

What is a knife block?

A knife block is a wooden or plastic block with slits in it used for storing kitchen knives without blunting or breaking them. They can also be filled with plastic shoots that can be parted to store the knife in, which will then move back into place when the knife is removed.

How to clean a knife block

You can wipe down a dirty knife block with a damp sponge to remove most splashes and stains. Do not immerse wooden knife blocks in water, as the wood may retain the moisture and grow mouldy as a result. Do not place knives into a wet knife block, as it can cause the knives to rust.

How to store knives in a knife block

If your kitchen knife block has specific slots for each knife, it is important to place each knife into the correct position, as trying to force a large knife into a smaller slot may blunt your knife. Place the knife in the blade first with the sharp edge facing down into the correct slot, taking care not to forcefully push it in, as this could damage the tip of the knife.

What Else Can I Find in the Kitchen Range At Spotlight?

Kitchen knife blocks are just the tip of the food prep iceberg at Spotlight! Browse the kitchen section online for all your other cooking and kitchen needs. You can also find:

  • Individual kitchen knives: Replace your favourite knife or just bulk out your knife collection with a quality blade from our individual kitchen knives collection.
  • Kitchen shears: These hefty scissors can be used to cut through herbs, vegetables, meat and even small bones.
  • Food preparation essentials: Cooking is easy with the right preparation! You can find chopping boards, scales, mixing bowls and other small tools in our food preparation section.
  • Cookware: Every home cook needs the right cookware for the job! You can find quality frypans, cookware sets and more for low prices in the selection.

Find The Right Knife Blocks At Spotlight

Once you've chosen your knife block set, buy it online and we'll deliver it to your home. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the best knife block for your needs. Make sure to read our kitchen knives buying guide and our knife care guide to make sure you're getting the most out of your knife block set! Create the perfect kitchen set-up by shopping for all your essentials at Spotlight. You'll find all your kitchen needs at bargain prices in the range. Visit the Ideas blog for more great inspiration on elevating your kitchen and home.



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