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There's nothing quite like bursting a pinata and watching chocolate and candy spill out onto the floor while everyone cheers. As a favourite pastime for kids of all ages, no party is truly complete without a pinata. Take your party to the next level by shopping our range of birthday pinatas and accessories today!

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What is in a pinata?

Pinatas are the ultimate birthday party activity and are typically filled with a variety of confectionery, such as smarties, sour worms, jelly beans, swirly pops, jubes, lolly snakes, and many more. As you can fill up a birthday pinata with whatever you want, the sky is the limit! You could also use chocolate bars, toys, animal crackers, chocolate coins or whatever you like.

Who hits the pinata at a birthday party?

The rules of the pinata game are very simple. All children at the party are organised into a line, starting with the youngest at the front and the oldest at the back. Each child is then blindfolded and takes turns hitting the pinata one at a time with a stick. The number of swings each child gets can be determined before starting the game. Once the pinata breaks and all the lollies drop onto the floor, every one counts to ten before letting the children run in and collect their hard-earned candy!

What should I fill my pinata with?

As mentioned before, candy, lollies and chocolate are usually used when filling pinatas - however, you can get creative if you are wanting to stay away from sugar. You can fill your pinata with a wide selection of temporary tattoos and stickers, which kids always love. You could also use glow sticks, confetti, fruit snacks, bouncy balls, and even small toys such as dinosaurs, animals or cars.

What are the different kinds of pinatas I can find at Spotlight?

  • Unicorn pinatas: when searching for the ultimate kid's pinata for their birthday, unicorn pinatas like our Multicoloured Unicorn Pinata are perfect!
  • Dinosaur pinatas: do your kids love dinosaurs? Then liven up the party with our range of dinosaur pinatas such as our Jurassic World and adorable Amscan Dino-Mite Party Mini Pinata.
  • Superhero pinatas: celebrate with your child's idol with our superhero pinatas. Our Marvel Spiderman Web Pinata is perfect for any web-slinging Spiderman fan!
  • Mini pinatas: where you like Homer Simpson or have a sweet tooth for doughnuts, our colourful Mini Donut Pinata is a great mini pinata that offers a huge amount of fun!
  • Christmas pinatas: whether you're looking for a fun activity to play at Christmas or celebrating a snow-themed birthday party, our festive Jolly & Joy Snowman Pinata is just one of our many Christmas pinatas.
  • Number pinatas: our range of adult and kids pinatas includes number pinatas to celebrate their special day. Whether they are turning 1 or 21, you can find a pinata for any birthday.

Find the Right Pinatas and Accessories at Spotlight

When searching for the perfect pinata in Australia to celebrate your special party, turn to our huge range of party pinatas and accessories at Spotlight. If you're stuck for ideas on how to plan the perfect party, then check out our guide to planning a kid's party for some helpful tips.

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