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Cut Quickly And Easily With Kitchen Shears And Scissors From Spotlight

You can cut herbs, proteins and small veggies easily with a good set of kitchen scissors or shears from Spotlight! While kitchen knives are a must-have for cutting and slicing, sometimes it's quicker and easier to just snip away with a pair of kitchen shears - no cutting board required!

Keep an eye out for brands like Wiltshire and Colormix for quality kitchen shears and scissors you can count on.

What are kitchen scissors used for?

Kitchen shears and scissors are used for making quick, easy cuts in poultry, thin cuts of beef and pork, as well as small veggies and herbs. Cutting longer things like spring onion is much easier with kitchen scissors, and you can save on using a cutting board if you cut things straight into a bowl using kitchen shears.

While they are powerful, kitchen shears should not be used for cutting through thick and strong food like carrots, bones and potatoes.

Kitchen shears and scissors FAQs

What are kitchen shears?

Kitchen shears are thick, strong scissors designed for use in the kitchen rather than for use in crafting, or dressmaking. They often have extra features for cracking nuts and can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

How to clean kitchen scissors

Kitchen shears and scissors should be hand-washed using hot water and dish soap. Immediately dry and put away your kitchen scissors so they don't rust - for the same reason, never leave your kitchen shears to soak. Because of all the layers and joins, they can rust and grow bacteria easily if left wet.

How to sharpen kitchen scissors

Some scissors come with a self-sharpening case that sharpens the blades when you slide them in and out. Otherwise, take the two blades apart (you may need to unscrew them) and use a whetstone with a coarse and fine side to sharpen each blade. Start coarse and move to fine so you can see fresh sharp metal on each blade.

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Browse the full kitchen range online today.

Find the right kitchen shears and scissors at Spotlight

Once you've chosen the perfect kitchen cooking scissors, pay safely online and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. You can also visit your local Spotlight store to shop your kitchen scissors and shears in person.

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