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Essential Nursery Supplies You Cannot Miss Out On

To ensure your baby is as comfortable and happy as possible, it is a good idea to consider your nursery supplies carefully. While shopping for nursery supplies is straightforward, some things require some additional consideration. So, here is a quick overview of the nursery supplies you need to consider and obtain.

How Do I Make Sure My Baby Gets Proper Sleep?

One of the essential things to consider for the nursery is your baby's sleeping environment. Choosing the right crib or cot, bedding and even a good sleeping monitor can help babies sleep and put the parents' minds at ease.

Most parents have their baby in their own bedroom for the first six months, this puts their mind at rest but also enables regular checking during these delicate months. A Moses basket or a small crib is therefore the first thing parents buy.

Once the baby is older than six months, you can install a cot in the nursery. Once your baby is older, you can switch to a so-called cotbed. Each should always have a brand-new mattress, as this ensures a better night sleep for your little one.

The sheets in the cot are important too, as things such as duvets and pillows should not be used for children under twelve months. Instead, grab some fitted cot sheets and light blankets if required. Please note that you will replace these sheets a lot in the beginning, so make sure you have at least a set of five at your disposal.

Finally, a baby monitor is definitely recommended for most parents, especially when your baby moves from the parents' bedroom to the nursery. If you want complete peace of mind, you can consider a video baby monitor as well.

Which Toiletries Should I Store In The Nursery?

It helps to get toiletries on hand in the nursery, especially since more of the care will take place in the nursery itself. So, be sure to store some of the following essentials in the nursery.

Many parents actually install a small baby bath in their nursery. Bathing your small baby in the bathroom can be difficult, so a baby bath is often more convenient and less harmful for your back. If you rather do not have a baby bath in your nursery, you can also look for a special support for the bathtub. However, the latter will still be harsher on your back.

Every nursery needs a changing station as well, from which it is easy to change your baby and dispose of dirty nappies. A changing station should include some hygiene and care essentials - this includes baby wipes, cream and of course some nappies. It is also recommended to have a special bin for dirty nappies. Ideally, you want a bin that blocks out odours, so you only have to empty it once a day. Of course, some parents prefer to dispose of nappies immediately.

In addition to the baby bath and your changing station with associated supplies, you also need a baby robe and some towels. Your baby's head can get really cold after a wash, so make sure you have everything on hand to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Finally, make sure your baby's clothes are organised properly in the nursery. Group the different items together. For example, separate night-time clothes from day-time clothes for more convenience. You can use a separate drawer for each or use a drawer separator if you do not have that much space. Also, if you have the space, reserve a drawer for nappies, including some reusable ones for when your little one is getting older.

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