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Discover the Basic Craft Supplies for Children with This Useful Guide!

To ensure children stay entertained, it is certainly a good idea to keep some basic craft supplies in the house. There are many to choose from, but there are some essentials you should consider. Below, we have created an overview of the essential children's craft supplies in your home. So, read on to determine what you need to obtain to keep kids entertained!

What Is the First Essential I Need to Obtain to Keep Children Entertained?

One of the first craft items you should have in your home is some construction paper, because there are so many applications for this type of paper in crafts. Construction paper is different than average paper though, because construction paper is a lot sturdier and easier to handle for children. So, if you want to ensure there is some paper for crafts in your home, then construction paper should be your first choice.

What Is the Second Essential I Need to Obtain to Keep Children Entertained?

Another essential you should have for children's craft in your home is some washable paints. Even though you could get more permanent paints, it is generally a bad idea for children - this because children tend to make quite the mess during arts and crafts. When you choose washable paints, you can easily remove the paints from furniture, clothing, and other places the paint may end up.

What Is the Third Essential I Need to Obtain to Keep Children Entertained?

The third essential for a child's craft kit is certainly some washable markers, especially for younger children who still tend to chew the markers or tend to use them on the wall. Washable markers are completely safe for children, and will usually have a minimum age displayed on the product.

In addition to washable markers, you can get genuine crayons for children who are a little older, and who are less likely to draw on the walls or bite on the crayons. Your child can use these crayons for drawing and colouring at home, but also for some art projects in school.

What Is the Fourth Essential I Need to Keep Children Entertained?

Parents must also make sure they have a pair of child's scissors in the home. Children's scissors are only suitable for children of a certain age, but they are bound to come in handy for papercraft projects and school.

There is a difference between a pair of adult scissors and children's scissors. Adult scissors are too big and too uncomfortable for children to work with, so make sure you get the appropriate size scissors for your child's little hands.

What Is the Sixth Essential I Need to Keep Children Entertained?

Another consideration for the basic crafts kit of your child is some art tissue paper. Art tissue paper is a special type of paper that can be used in various types of crafts. It is often used in collages, but some children paint with it too. The possibilities of art tissue paper are almost endless.

What Is the Seventh Essential I Need to Keep Children Entertained?

Depending on the age of the child, you will need some glue too. As you may know already, children's glue is used in many different projects. It is a common tool for collages, as well as other art projects in school. So, to make sure you have all the essentials for your child in the basic kit, be sure to have at least one bottle of glue in the basic crafts kit at home.

What Is the Eight Essential I Need to Keep Children Entertained?

We already mentioned some mediums for children's crafts - this includes the construction paper we mentioned in the beginning of this article. However, there are other mediums that could make any crafts project a lot more interesting - this includes a pack of paper plates.

Paper plates are affordable and there are loads of things children can do with them, so we certainly advise buying some for your children. Of course, paper plates can also be used for birthday parties, although you may have to buy some extra once your child is done with them.

What Other Essential Children's Craft Supplies Can I Obtain from Spotlight?

Spotlight has an entire range of craft supplies for children, so you can undoubtedly get more inspiration by looking at the additional options in our catalogue. In addition to the items we already mentioned today, you will find items such as sticks, masks, foam sheets, balsa bricks, colour pencils, wooden beads, and a whole lot more. So, we are sure you will find something suitable for your child's craft kit.

Do you have a question about any of the crafting supplies for children available at Spotlight? To learn more, please contact the Spotlight team for more information.



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