Chenille Sticks

Chenille sticks are a must for every craft or hobby box. Shop Spotlight's range of versatile pipe cleaners available in a great range of colours & sizes.

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Get Creative With Colourful & Versatile Chenille Sticks From Spotlight

Also known as pipe cleaners, chenille sticks are a fabulous material for a huge range of arts and crafts. At Spotlight, you can find a specialised range of chenille sticks that children of all ages will love manipulating and incorporating them in their crafty creations. Whether you're looking for extra fluffy pipe cleaners, metallic pipe cleaners, rainbow pipe cleaners or a huge assorted pack you can find it all in Spotlight's range of chenille sticks. Explore the selection online or at your nearest Spotlight store today!

Chenille Sticks FAQs

What is chenille, and what are chenille sticks?

Chenille is the name given to a type of fabric with a uniquely fuzzy surface texture, and can likewise be applied to tufted or velvety yarns used in embroidery crafts. The name chenille derives from the French word for caterpillar. Chenille stems or chenille sticks are lengths of wire covered with chenille yarn, and were once referred to as "pipe cleaners".

How are chenille stems made?

Chenille sticks are made using two lengths of wire, which are twisted together while trapping short lengths of fibre in between them. This is what creates the "pile" or fluffy texture. Chenille stems used for crafting are typically made with polyester or nylon fibres for their vibrant colours, durability and water resistance.

How to craft with chenille sticks

Chenille sticks are super versatile and malleable, making them one of the simplest craft materials to use. The wire centre means they can be bent, twisted, folded and coiled with ease. You can also cut them into different lengths using a pair of strong craft scissors. Pipe cleaners or chenille sticks can be glued, but with careful twisting together you and your kids can have a craft session free of sticky adhesives!

What to make with pipe cleaners?

Crafting with pipe cleaners or chenille sticks is a great way to unleash your imagination. Try making stick people or small critters like insects - a couple of joggle eyes are all you need to make your creations come to life! Combine with pom poms to add extra colour and dimension, like in our pipe cleaner butterflies project. Explore Spotlight's FREE kids' craft projects online to inspire creative use of chenille sticks and other basic craft supplies!

Shop Chenille Sticks & Versatile Craft Supplies With Spotlight

Whether you call them chenille sticks, chenille stems or pipe cleaners, you can find these fabulous craft basics in a huge range of colours and pack sizes at Spotlight. Combine with pom poms, feathers and other basic craft supplies to create anything your imagination desires! Head into your local Spotlight store, or shop online and have all your craft supplies conveniently home delivered. Explore our range of FREE online projects to get ready for your next craft creations, and make sure you check out our inspiring Create blogs to discover great DIY tips and tricks.



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