Upholstery Accessories

Give your next upholstery project a profession finish with our upholstery essentials & accessories from Spotlight. Shop the range online or in-store.

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What is included in the upholstery accessories range at Spotlight?

This is where you will find some of the items needed to finish off your upholstery projects, such as foam, pins and tacks. This is just one of the many ranges of upholstery items available from Spotlight, so remember to browse the rest of our range to find everything you need for your project including fabrics, lining, trim and other embellishments.

What can I use the foam fill for?

This foam comes in handy sheets and can be used for a variety of things such as filling seat pads, bed heads and cushions, filling certain toys and other craft or homemade items. Hypo-allergenic and odourless, it is safe for use in and around the home. It can be hand-sewn, stapled and glued together if required.

What do I use twist pins for?

These clever little pins are ideal for securing things such as loose covers, arm rests, bed skirts or valances, antimacassars, and even sagging car ceiling linings! Simply stick into upholstered furniture or other soft compounds and twist to hold in place. With their small heads, they are almost invisible and they will stay put securely for a long time.

How can I use upholstery tacks?

Upholstery tacks are often used as a decorative way to secure fabric or trim in upholstered furniture, such as stools, chairs, bed heads and more. Traditional chairs and stools often have upholstery tacks along the edges of seats, seat backs or other areas. They can also be used to hide edges that have been stapled together with a staple gun. With a hammer, carefully tap the upholstery tacks into place, making sure the tacks form a straight line, either with all the tacks adjoining or having them spaced at regular intervals.

For more ideas on how to finish your upholstery projects, take a look at our range of trims, where you will find different types of cord, braid, tassels, buttons, sequins, beads and more. You can choose from different colours and styles to match your upholstery fabric or your interior design.

Upholstery fabrics are also available at Spotlight, in plain and patterned varieties, and including everything from stretch denim to sumptuous velvet, or from imitation leather to heavy tapestry fabric. With so many different fabrics on offer, you can restore or revamp your furniture in style here at Spotlight!



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