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Get that salon-look hairstyle in the privacy of your own bathroom, or straighten those curls into a sleek bob with one of Spotlights hair dryers and straighteners. Choose from a range of stylish black hairdryers with a powerful 2000W motor and a number of settings, or use these smart straighteners with extra-long plates that allow for quick styling of larger sections of hair, which can be used on both dry and wet hair. Both appliances are made by hair experts Scunci, so you know your hair is in safe hands.

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How do I choose the right hair dryer for my needs?

When buying a hair dryer, there are a lot more things to consider than its basic characteristics like brand, price, design, colour and the included attachments.

First off, the size and weight of the hair dryer determines how easy it is to handle. Lightweight hair dryers are more practical for travelling. When it comes to power even basic models nowadays normally offer over 2,000 watts of drying power. These are excellent choices if you just need something to quickly dry your hair with after taking a shower.

Professional-style hair dryers allow you to create a larger variety of hair styles because they offer more temperature control and airflow settings, and are compatible with more attachments. They are also built to last despite hours of daily use and are available with even higher power ratings.

Should I get the most powerful hair dryer I can afford?

If you have really thick or course hair, you'll need to set your hair dryer to a higher heat setting to effectively remove the moisture when your hair is really wet. For thin or fragile hair, look for a hair dryer that has a good low setting that won't dry out all the moisture from inside your hair shafts, making it brittle and more easily damaged.

What hair dryer features should I be aware of?

Here are a couple of common features that many modern hair dryer models now boast.

Cool Shot

Hair dryers with a Cool Shot feature allow you to dry your hair without any heat at all. This is a useful feature for the last stages of drying to quickly cool down your hair lock in the style you are going for.

Concentrator Nozzles

These attachments are great styling tools because it lets you focus on different sections of your hair and not blow your hair strands all over the place.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic dryers shoot out negative ions which help to break up positively charged water into smaller droplets that are easier to dry. It also minimises frizz and flyaway hair to create a smoother and shinier look.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Ceramic hair dryers have heating coils that are coated with ceramic that heat up the air passing through it more quickly and evenly. Most ceramic hair dryers are also able to regulate the heat it produces automatically. It also creates infrared heat that dries hair more gently with little to no damage.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that is also used to coat the heating elements of hair dryers. Tourmaline hair dryers produce negative ions while also evenly heating up your hair like a ceramic hair dryer. These tourmaline hair dryers often cost more than its ionic and ceramic counterparts.

How do I choose the best hair straightener?

Hair straighteners have also come a long way from just being a pair of irons that flatten and style your hair. They come in different sizes and widths, but in general larger and wider hair straighteners are better for people with long or thick hair, while small thin irons are good enough for short hair and bangs.

Hair straighteners with temperature controls allow you to turn down the heat so it doesn't burn or damage your hair, which is great for people with thin or fragile hair. Some models also have digital controls which allow you fine tune the temperature more precisely.

Similar to modern hair dryers, the heating plates of hair straighteners use various materials designed to take better care of your hair. Teflon and ceramic coated hair straighteners, for example, are able to slide across your hair much more smoothly than non-coated ones.

Tourmaline and ceramic hair straighteners are able to heat themselves up more evenly, which means you'll be able to get the results you want with less passes and less chances of damaging your hair. Tourmaline hair straighteners also produce more negative ions which minimises the static and frizz in your hair, creating a smoother and more manageable look.

Where can I find bathroom accessories for hair dryers and hair straighteners?

Spotlight Stores offers a range of bathroom storage solutions for hair dryers and hair straighteners, so they are always within easy reach. These are also great buys if you want to minimise the clutter and free up some space on your bathroom counters. These bathroom accessories will also keep your hair dryers and hair straighteners safe and dry at all times, and ensure that they'll last a long time under your care.



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