Sewing Machine Accessories

From a protective mat for your work surface to a complete sewing table that you can put up anywhere in the house, Spotlight has all the sewing machine accessories you may need. Make sure your sewing machine works at its best by keeping it clean and free of dust, lint and fibres, or make sure it runs smoothly with a drop of oil in its mechanical parts. As well as accessories, Spotlight also stocks a range of sewing machine spare parts which includes bobbins, drive belts and more, for a number of well-known sewing machine brands.

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What sewing machine accessories can I find at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight, we offer a range of accessories that will make your sewing machine easier to use, as well as help you take better care of it so that it will always work reliably and last you a long time. In this range, you'll find sewing machine tables, mats, dustcovers, lint brushes, sewing machine oil and seam guides.

Why do I need a sewing machine table?

A sewing machine table gives you a dedicated platform for all your sewing tasks, so it doesn't take up space on your tables and desks. It's a worthwhile investment that gives you a safe space for your sewing machine and a stable platform to work on. Sewing machine tables are especially important when you don't have any spare space in your room to put your sewing machine.

Sewing machine tables are ergonomically designed to be at an ideal height so you can work for long periods without any fatigue. Sewing on a surface that's too low will cause you to be hunched over which will strain your back, neck and shoulders. On the other hand, a surface that's too high can cause undue stress on your hands, wrists, shoulders and upper back.

There are many different types of sewing machine tables on the market today. Some sewing machine tables come with cabinets that give you lots of storage space for all your sewing supplies and accessories. Some have wheels that allow you to move it around for storage while some others can be easily folded up when it's not being used.

What is a sewing machine mat used for?

Sewing machine mats are primarily used to keep sewing machines from moving around while you sew. It is also used to keep the foot pedals from moving as you step on it. These mats also minimise the noise and vibration your sewing machine creates while in use. It also protects the finish of your work surfaces whether you're using a dedicated sewing machine table or a regular table.

How do I keep my sewing machine clean and running smoothly?

Every time you use your sewing machine it accumulates more and more lint, thread bits and dust all over its body and on your work surface, as well as in its internal mechanisms. This is just an unavoidable by product from the fabric passing through it at high speed. Over time, this accumulation of lint and dust will affect how smoothly and efficiently your machine runs, and can make it a lot noisier than normal.

To keep your sewing machine running smoothly you have to dust it off from time to time with a lint brush. During the cleaning process you should also open the bobbin case and take out the bobbin to give it a thorough cleaning. This is also the best time to apply the proper amount of sewing machine oil in the areas pointed out in your sewing machine's instruction manual.

What are the benefits of using a sewing machine dust cover?

When you're not using your sewing machine placing a dustcover over it ensures that it stays clean and prevents any additional lint or dust from accumulating all over it and saves you the extra time and effort of cleaning it all over again. A dust cover can also keep your sewing machine safe from accidental spills. It also minimises the chances of accidentally turning on the sewing machine.

Here at Spotlight, we offer sewing machine dust covers in a variety of delightful designs that will appeal to anyone who loves to sew. These sewing machine dust covers can also make for great gifts for any sewing enthusiast, as well as anyone who uses a sewing machine for variousarts and crafts projects.



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