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Lycra Dance & Swimwear Knits

Lycra Dance & Swimwear Knits

Why not save money and get exactly what you want by making your own lycra outfits, including sports, dance and swimwear items?

With our range of knit fabrics at Spotlight specially designed for this purpose, you will have your choice of colour and pattern and as all our fabrics are available by the metre, you can mix and match as required.

Choose from plain, printed, glitter, animal print and even imitation crocodile/leather look for a huge variety of possibilities including adult and kids clothes, costumes, sports and dancewear, bags and craft projects. Browse the range today to see all the fabrics on offer.

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Can I purchase Lycra dance and swimwear knits at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you are planning to make items for keep fit, swimming and other forms of activity, this stretchy, super-light material is just the thing. It also makes great super hero costumes! Our large range of fabrics here at Spotlight gives you the choice between many different colours and designs, and all our fabrics are available by the metre, which means you can buy as much or as little as you need for your project.

What is the difference between Lycra and Spandex?

Quite simply, there is no difference, as they are the same material. Lycra is simply a registered trade name, and is used by some people like they might say Hoover for a vacuum cleaner, or Kleenex for tissues. In some parts of the world, Spandex fabric is also referred to as Elastane. A common characteristic of all Spandex materials is their ability to be stretched and go back to their original form quickly. This unparalleled elasticity gives the material more strength, suppleness, and resilience than most other fabrics.

Did you know?

That Spandex is an anagram of Expand and that is how the name was created?

What else do I need to know about Lycra or Spandex fabric?

There are many types of Lycra or spandex that you can choose from. One of the biggest things to take into consideration when selecting a spandex is whether it is 2-way or 4-way stretch. 2-way stretch fabric will only stretch one direction: horizontally or vertically. 4-way stretch fabric will stretch in both directions. This is especially important for finding a fabric that will work for your pattern. If a pattern calls for 2-way stretch, you can use 4-way stretch fabric. However, if your pattern calls for 4-way stretch, you cannot use 2-way stretch without altering the pattern.

Are there other differences in Spandex fabrics?

Spandex fibres are usually combined with other fibres such as nylon, polyester or cotton. This gives them different characteristics. Here are some of the most common types of Spandex:

  • Nylon spandex, sometime referred to as Milliskin. This is a bit thinner than heavy-weight spandex such as moleskin. Moleskin is thick enough not to need a lining in most cases, but Milliskin might.
  • Cotton and Rayon Lycra is most often found in things like t-shirts and yoga wear.
  • Performance Lycra is used for athletic clothing. It is specifically designed to wick moisture away from the body, which means it is better for active wear than cotton Lycra, which retains moisture.
  • Special Spandex fabrics may include glitter or foil effects.

Can I purchase knitted apparel fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight stock a wide variety of knitted apparel fabrics including jersey, Ponta di Roma, double knits, ribbing and many more. Most of our fabrics are available by the metre, except a few which are available in pre-cut pieces. This is more economical if for instance you only need a small piece for some cuffs or a waistband, or want to use some for craft projects.

What are the features of knitted apparel fabric?

In principle, there are two main types of knitted apparel fabrics, weft-knitted and warp-knitted.

Weft-knitted fabric is made by looping together long lengths of yarn. It can be made by hand or machine. The yarn runs in rows across the fabric. If a stitch is dropped, or the fabric is damaged, it will ladder down the length of the fabric. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable and is used for socks, T-shirts and jumpers.

In warp-knitted fabric, the loops interlock vertically along the length of the fabric. Warp knits are slightly stretchy and do not ladder. Warp-knitted fabric is made by machine. It is often used for swimwear and underwear.

What are the benefits of knitted apparel fabric?

Some of the main benefits of knitted fabrics are:

Stretch - Sewing with knitted fabric can be a challenge, mainly because these fabrics have plenty of stretch and the edges may curl up as you work. However, this feature makes it possible to create form-fitting garments that do not require buttons, zippers or hooks. Knit materials stretch in all four directions, which is useful for creating comfortable t-shirts, underwear and other one-piece garments.

Easy Care - Depending on the material used in the fabric and the size of the knitting, knit fabrics are usually easy to care for. Most of them are suitable for machine washing, although a gentle temperature and spin speed are recommended. Wool knits do need more care, with most of them requiring hand washing in warm water with liquid soap, and air-drying flat to avoid stretching the garment's shape.

Comfortable to Wear - Most people like knitted fabrics for their softness, warmth and stretch. The softness does depend on the fabric or material yarns used. Properly cared for knitted fabrics retain their shape and elasticity and do not wrinkle easily, which increases their aesthetic appeal.

Knitted fabrics are also easier to produce than woven ones, involving fewer man hours and machinery, so the cost is usually lower than that of woven fabrics, but they may be less durable.

Does Spotlight sell other types of fabric too?

Yes, as well as over 400 different types of knitted apparel fabric, available in many different colourways and designs, Spotlight stocks a full range of woven fabrics and specialty fabrics, and the range is further extended with decorating and interior fabrics, craft fabrics and general-purpose fabrics, so check out the full range today!

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