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Uncover More Information on Our Sewing and Fabric Essentials

At Spotlight, customers will discover an entire range with countless sewing and fabric essentials. Today, we elaborate a little on these supplies and the applications they could be used for. So, if you are taking your first steps into the world of sewing and fabrics, be sure to read the information on sewing essentials below.

What Is the First Thing I Will Need for My Sewing Project?

Before you can start on your sewing project, you will need a good pair of scissors. These scissors will not only be used to cut thread, but also to cut the fabrics you want to sew. To ensure you have the perfect pair of scissors for every project, we suggest getting at least three pairs of scissors.

The first pair of scissors you will need is a tiny pair of scissors with the characteristic sharp points. These scissors should be kept next to your sewing machine, since these scissors will exclusively be used to cut thread, seam line cuts, and clip curves.

Secondly, you will also need a good pair of paper scissors. Most people already own such a pair, but it is usually better to buy one solely meant for your sewing projects. Paper scissors are used for almost everything in a sewing project, but not for cutting fabric - this is where our last pair of scissors comes in.

Finally, you will need a pair of dressmaker scissors. These scissors are only used to cut fabric. Never use these scissors for anything else, because that might damage the blades. So, be sure to keep your dressmaker scissors safe!

What Is the Second Thing I Will Need for My Sewing Project?

The second thing you will need for your sewing project is a seam ripper. Please note that most people will find a seam ripper with their new sewing machine. So, if you recently bought one, be sure to check your accessories pack to see if it already contains a seam ripper.

What Is the Third Thing I Will Need for My Sewing Project?

Crafters will also need a good set of pins for their sewing projects. However, not all pins provide you with the same quality, no matter how small or trivial they may seem at this point. Most crafters prefer the classic glass head pins, since they are more resistant than the basic plastic head pins found in stores. However, beginners who do not want to invest too much in their supplies in the beginning, could easily invest in the cheaper plastic pins.

What Is the Fourth Thing I Will Need for My Sewing Project?

Naturally, if you want to begin on a sewing project, you will need a sewing machine and some sewing needles. At Spotlight, customers can find sewing machines and needles at the sharpest prices, so be sure to choose your supplies from our range if you do not own your sewing machine or sewing needles yet.

What Is the Fifth Thing I Will Need for My Sewing Project?

Most sewing projects must be incredibly precise - therefore, you must have some measuring tools for your project too. Of course, measuring tools for your sewing projects are not the same measuring tools as the ones you used in school. No, for sewing projects, you might need some professional measuring tape.

When you choose a measuring tape, it could be handy to have one that lists centimetres as well as inches. If you intend on downloading some patterns online, chances are you will work with both measurements. So, be sure you are prepared for this with a measuring tape that has both!

What Is the Sixth Thing I Need for My Sewing Project?

The last thing you will need for your sewing project is a set of marking tools - this especially applies to crafters who use commercial patterns. Marking tools are used to transfer certain things from the pattern onto your fabric, so they are essential for beginners!

One of the easiest ways to transfer from a pattern to the fabric is a tracing wheel. Of course, the tracing wheel is only recommended for durable fabrics such as cotton. If you are working with more delicate materials, you might consider the marking pen or some chalk.

Can I Get All These Essential Sewing Supplies at Spotlight?

Spotlight stocks all the essential sewing supplies mentioned today, but also many other sewing supplies you might need when you become more advanced. Spotlight also stocks sewing patterns for beginners and more advanced crafters. So, be sure to return to us regularly to find some inspiration for your projects!

Do you have a question about any of the essential sewing supplies at Spotlight? Or are you having problems finding the right supplies for your sewing project? Feel free to contact the Spotlight team for more info!



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