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Curtain Fabrics


Unlined / Uncoated Fabrics (Type)

plain (Design) FYI - can put a separate lining on it to give a blockout effect

- textured

prints (Design)

- textured

jacuard (Design)

- textured



Block Out / Thermal Fabrics

"self lined are block out"

#Hints - white lining

plain (design)

- textured

- coated

- bloackout


- textured

- coated

- bloackout



- textured

- coated

- bloackout




Sheer Fabrics

Linen Look(design)

Lace look(design)

cotton look(design)





Create warmth, fashion and elegance in your home with Spotlight Curtain Fabrics.

Spotlight Custom Made offer a versatile range of fabrics, from bold rich colours to smooth neutrals for an understated look.

Speak with one of our Custom Made experts and live in the home you've been dreaming of.




Unlined Fabrics

These fabrics can be in a plain or patterned design and have no associated coating on the back.

#CustomMadeHintsTips - Unlined fabrics are preferred when manufacturing curtains as they drape softly and provide on overall nicer finish for your home.

Self Lined Fabrics

These fabrics can be in a plain or patterned design and have an acrylic coating applied to them.

This coating provides protection for the fabric and also gives thermal protection to the interior of the room.

#CustomMadeHintsTips - These types of fabrics, although longer lasting due to the acrylic coating (TURE?), do not hang or drape as softly as an uncoated fabric. There is also the possibility of pin holes in the joins and hems (DUE TO?)


Linings (Separate Page?)

Spotlight Custom Made offer a number of linings...

Cotton Linings

Cotton linings are used to line drapes where control of light or heat is not an issue.

#CustomMadeHintsTips - Cotton linings should not be used where strong sun is a problem as it will break down quickly and not provide protection against fading to the fabric or the furnishings within the room. Because light can penetrate this lining the impact of the color or design of the fabric is lost when the drapes are closed.

Blockout / Thermal Linings

These linings come in a range of densities according to the number of coatings or “passes” applied to the base cloth.

#CustomMadeHintsTips - There are two styles of thermal linings one with an acrylic suede finish and the other has a flat acrylic finish. The flat acrylic finish does not drape as softly as the suede but is better for households where asthma may be an issue.

  1. Pass - reduces the amount of light transmitted into the room by approximately 50%
  2. Pass - has one grey coating applied with another coating of white or Ivory over it and reduces the light transmitted by 80%
  3. Pass - consists of two white or ivory coats separated by a coat of Grey acrylic. This fabric gives a total block out to sunlight and offers an excellent insulation to both heat and cold.


Detachable Linings

Separate linings are where we require the lining to be on a different heading tape to the curtains.

They can be ordered as a detachable lining on lining tape to be used on the same track as the curtains, or they can be ordered as a separate lining on a different track.





Adorn your windows and add character to your room with our range of sheer fabrics.

Sheer fabric will give you privacy without losing light, or team with drapes or over blinds to soften the window further.

Spotlight Custom Made offer a number of different sheer fabrics, including continuous, unheaded wide width and brisby.

Sheer curtains bring a lightness to any window as their sheer fabric allows a little privacy while still filtering in light. Sheer curtains are often hung as secondary curtains or over blinds. This means the primary curtain or blind can be used to block out light and then pulled back to reveal the sheers which allow light in while still minimalising visibility into the room. Sheers often have a tab top design but can be custom made into other curtain styles, keeping in mind the delicateness and light weight properties of sheer fabric. Suitable for almost every room, sheers can be made more formal when the curtain top is encased in a pelmet, concealing the curtain rod and wall joinery.

Continuous Sheers

There are a number of continuous sheers available in the store as a basic line range. These are availble in a variety of drop lengths in a white or ivory colour.

#CustomMadeHintsTips - Continuous sheers are ordered at the fullness across the window width, not as drops like curtains.

#CustomMadeHintsTips - A shrinkage tuck is a fold under the rod pocket at the top of the sheer. It can be used to shorten the curtain or is sometimes used as a decorative feature in the heading.

Unheaded Wide Width Sheers

Wide width sheers are available in drops from 270cm to 300cm. They can be made to any heading choice available, provided there is sufficient allowance made for the heading type, 10-20cm is generally required.

#CustomMadeHintsTips - Wide width sheers are also ordered at the fullness across the window width, not as drops like curtains.


A Brisby is a sheer that has a slot and head pocket at the top and bottom of the curtain.

#CustomMadeHintsTips - A Brisby is mainly used for entrance windows or doors, as the top and bottom are fixed and doesn’t blow with the door’s or entrance window opening.












(Is this info required? If a customer to be measurting at home... is this enough info, or are we muddying the water)

Behind Pinch Pleat Curtains

Order on curtain worksheet as a new location.

Will be made on gather tape with a 2cm head, and reverse hems

Lining will be 1cm above the hem of the curtain

Deduct 10cm from curtain drop

For linings level with the hem of the curtain, deduct 8cm from the curtain drop.

Behind Gather Tape

Order on curtain worksheet as a new location.

Lining tape will be used, and reverse hems.

Lining will be 1cm shorter than hem of curtains, should you require level, add 1cm onto the allowances below.

If hooking top row, deduct 7cm

If hooking bottom row, deduct 9cm

Soft drape lining is ideal for this application.


Fullness for these linings would be x 1.5





Nice imagery

Key Selling Points

Add Size guide to each product (Specification in Word Docs)

Colours Available - Speak with Leigh / Cong

Construction – what is this product made of? Keep it simple, again customer doesn’t care… “Made with…”

Operation Methods Available

How to take Measurements - General - explain face and recess, width and drop - then link to the specific 'How to measure guide' Is the current guide we have online sufficient in its explanation?

Safety Features - General and specific to each product
Marley to provide PDF on Curtain & Blind Safety

Features & Benefits

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