Organic Cotton Kids Quilt Project

Level: Intermediate


  • Materials: 1.5m
  • Contrasting Color: 1m
  • An assortment of your choice of fabrics minimum 15cm cut allowing for a 11.5 x 4 inch cut from each
  • piece - including fabric for pillowcase
  • Quilt Cuts:
  • Cut from main fabric A - 36 - 11.5 x 4 inch pieces
  • Cut from contrasting color B - 36- 3.25 x 4 inch pieces
  • Cut from assortment of fabric C - 36 - 9.5 x 4 inch pieces
  • Pillowcase cuts:
  • Cuts from main fabric - 8 - 9.5 x 3 inch pieces
  • From contrasting fabric cut - 8 - 7.5 x 3
  • From assorted fabric cut - 8 - 3.25 x 3 inch pieces


Step 1 - From the main fabric 11.5x4 inch rectangles they need to be cut with a 2 inch angle on them.

Cut fabric from the bottom to the top of the fabric making sure that your angles are correctly flowing. Fabric to appear like image below.

Step 2 - On the right hand side cut from bottom corner and two inches in up the top. This creates the angles or quilt.

From the contrasting Fabric B cut on the left hand side from the bottom corner to 1 inch over to give a slight angle. This is where the smaller triangles will be joined on.

Step 3 - Once all fabrics have been cut to correct angles and triangles joined on lay out neatly into the correct order that you would like your quilt to appear. Because you are working with angles the edges of the quilt will be jagged. As you sew each row together lay then back down in order.

Step 4 - You will need to refer to the quilt image to see how you place your fabric pieces as the rows are joined together. As the rows are sewn together you will notice that the edges are jagged. The edges will need to be trimmed as you go so that they all neaten off together.

Step 5 - Sandwich, quilt and bind.


Step 1 - To make up the pillowcase it is very similar to the quilt. You will just be working with slightly smaller pieces. All fabric is still cut at the same angle and joining and trimming is recommended again as all rows are placed together.

Step 2 - Quilt the pillowcase as you would the quilt top before making up.

To make up the pillowslip, once you have trimmed your pillowcase to the correct measurements from the contrasting color cut a 22cm x 48cm piece. Sew a hem on the long side (48cm) on one side.

Step 3 - Cut a 48cm x 74cm piece &ndash



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