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Make your next kids birthday party into a real success by adding a candy buffet! Find everything you need here at Spotlight to create a colourful candy buffet, or items to make a sweet treat goodie or favour bag for kids to take home after the party. The candy buffet range includes various plastic bowls in different shapes, scoops, a number of labels, different favour bags and boxes, as well as a range of candy including chocolate hearts, lollipops, mini jelly beans, gum balls and many other types of sweets. Also includes a plastic trifle bowl.

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How To Create A Candy Buffet On A Budget?

A candy buffet is a great way to feed your guests if you want to do something different and original. They are extremely popular during engagement parties and baby showers, but also other gatherings with friends and family. If you want to create a candy buffet, but find yourself on a budget, be sure to check out the tips from the Spotlight team.

How Do I Fill My Candy Table If I Am On A Tight Budget?

This is often a concern for anyone who wants to throw a fancier candy buffet on a budget. Fortunately, there are some tricks of the trade you can implement. First, obtain a bulk amount of cheaper candies, this includes some marshmallows, gummy bears, gum balls and rock candy. Put these candies in the largest glass jars and bowls you can find, which will take up the majority of the tables room.

Of course, if you want to offer some fancy candies too, you can do so on a budget. Simply purchase a smaller amount of the fancier candies and put them in the smaller glass bowls and jars. Place them in front of your larger candy jars and bowls, as they will make the entire table look fancier.

Jars and containers in variable heights can prove beneficial for the setup of your candy buffet. You also need to incorporate any functional items you will use, this may include some drinking straws, paper plates, or other things your guests might need. You should also reserve some space for decorations. For example, if you do a candy buffet for an engagement party, then you can add some romantic decorations such as ribbons and hearts in between your candy. Evidently, this can help fill your table on a budget too. Decorations such as these are quite affordable, and you can also get an amazing deal on them at Spotlight.

Can I Use Food Other Than Pure Candy?

A candy buffet does not have to be limited to candy alone, despite the name of this kind of buffet. In fact, you can also use some crackers and pretzels, which are snacks. These snacks are incredibly affordable and can fill up some of your larger bowls and jars with the greatest of ease. So, if you find yourself struggling to keep to your budget, you can fill the table with some of these snacks too.

Evidently, you can take the alternative route too. Instead of offering different types of candies, you can stick to candies of the same type. For example, you could be providing a large amount of chocolates in different shapes and sizes. By doing so, you can get a better bulk deal that matches your budget.

Is There A Certain Time Of Year Where A Candy Buffet Might Be Cheaper?

Yes. You can usually get amazing deals on candy shortly after a known holiday. Shortly after Christmas, shops are often left with large amounts of chocolate, biscuits, and candy, this since they stock up on exuberant amounts to sell during Christmas. As they are left with copious amounts of candy after the holiday season, you can get the best deal then.

Of course, the time after Christmas is not the only opportunity you have to get candy at a reduced price. Special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Easter, and other known holidays can provide you with a better deal too.

Can I Do Something Different Than The Usual Glass Jars And Bowls For My Buffet?

Glass jars and bowls can be expensive on their own, so there are alternatives you can try when you want to delight your guests with a nice selection of candy during a gathering or a party.

One of the alternatives is the so-called favour bag. You can buy favour bags in bulk easily, and they can hold a nice selection of candy. As soon as your guests come through the door, you can give them a favour bag with your chosen selection of candy.

Need some decorations or party supplies for your candy buffet? Be sure to take advantage of the extensive catalogue at Spotlight. We have a lot to take advantage of, so check out our amazing deals today.



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